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10 Alternative Uses for Baby Powder

Perhaps most of us know what baby powder is. It is commonly used to absorb moisture or sweat to keep babies fresh. Baby powder also helps prevent diaper rash because of its absorbent properties that prevent fungal infection. There are many popular brands of baby powder available in the market today and most of these have common alternative uses.

Alternative Uses for Baby Powder

1. Repel ants – Baby powder is a very effective ant repellent. Simply sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder around the infested area and ants will not cross over the baby powder. Sprinkle also in areas where ants usually enter to get rid of ants in your home.

2. Removes fresh grease stains – Fresh grease stains on fabric can easily be removed by applying baby powder on the stained area then brushing off the powder. Repeat procedure until the stain disappears.

3. Helps rubber gloves slip on easily – For hard-to-put-on rubber gloves, simple sprinkle baby powder inside the glove before putting on.

4. Removes offending odor from animal furs – If you don’t like the smell of your dog or cat and don’t have time to give them a quick bath, simply rub and brush baby powder on their fur and it will smell and look better.

5. Helps remove sand and dust from the body – If your child has been playing in a sand box or in the beach and you have quite a difficult time removing the sand from his body, simply rub baby powder on the skin and it will absorb the moisture of the sand making it easier to dust off.

6. Quick fix for squeaky floor boards – If you have squeaky floor boards, just sprinkle baby powder in the affected area and into the cracks and the boards will not squeak again.

7. Helps freshen up litter box – baby powder can also be used to dispel odor coming from your pet’s litter box. Simply sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder every time you have to clear the box.

8. Keeps your shoes dry – Sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder in your shoes or sneakers and it will keep them dry and comfortable to wear for a day.

9. Absorbs perspiration on sheets and pillow cases – Sprinkle a bit of baby powder on your pillow case and sheets especially during the hot summer months to absorb sticky and smelly perspiration.

10. Preserves molded or mildewed books – If you have molded or mildewed book, you can still preserve them using baby powder. First thing you should do is air dry the books then sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder between the pages and let the book stand for several hours before dusting the powder off. It should help preserve your book.

Some of these alternatives uses may be new to you while others may already be known to you. It is just surprising how this simple product can have so many alternative uses. Baby powder is indeed very versatile and having it in your home will let you enjoy its many uses.


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