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10 Alternative Uses of Cornstarch

Cornstarch is one of the staple substances in many kitchens. It is commonly used as thickener for different dishes, desserts and sauces including gravy, chocolate pudding, soups and many others. But cornstarch is more than just for culinary uses. You will be surprised to discover the many alternative uses of cornstarch. Some of them are listed below: 

1. For treating sunburns – During the hot summer months, sunburn is very common especially among children. To soothe sunburn, prepare cornstarch paste (cornstarch + water) and apply directly of the affected area and allow the paste to dry. Remove and rinse afterwards.

2.  For deodorizing carpets and rugs – For bad-smelling carpets and rugs, simply sprinkle a generous amount to cornstarch and let it sit for at least 30 minutes, then vacuum. Cornstarch absorbs not only dirt but also bad odors leaving your rug or carpet smelling good and clean.

3. To deodorize shoes – Dab into shoes or socks before wearing them to absorb bad odor and to help lessen foot perspiration.

4. As spray-starch for ironing – Cornstarch also comes in handy when ironing. Simply prepare a mixture of 1 cup of cold water and half a tablespoon of cornstarch. Mix well and pour into a spray bottle. Spray into collars, pants and cotton fabrics when ironing for better effect.

5. For polishing silverware – Make your old silverware or accessories sparkle with the help of cornstarch paste (cornstarch + water). Using a soft cloth, apply the paste onto the silver. Let the paste dry and wipe to make it shine again.

6. For removing grease stains – To remove grease from fabric, sprinkle a generous amount of cornstarch over the stain and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Shake off the cornstarch and launder as usual. It should now leave no traces of the grease stain on the fabric. For grease stains on leather, sprinkle cornstarch on the stained area then let it sit overnight. Brush it off in the morning and the grease stain should be gone.

7. For cleaning windows – The combination of cornstarch and liquid dish detergent makes an excellent window cleaner. Mix equal parts of both ingredients and combine them with a gallon of water. Use this solution with a sponge when cleaning your glass windows for a shiny effect.

8. To clean sticky cards – If you have sticky playing cards, put them in a plastic bag together with several teaspoons of cornstarch. Shake the bag and it will untangle the sticky cards inside. Dust off the cornstarch afterwards.

9. To remove sand on body – If you find it hard to remove or dust off sand from your body, try using cornstarch. Simply apply it on the body and shake it off afterwards. Once the cornstarch absorbs the moisture from the sand, it will then be easier to remove the sand.

10. To untangle knots – Knots on shoelaces, strings and even necklaces can be difficult to untangle. But with cornstarch, it can be a lot easier. Just sprinkle enough amounts of cornstarch on the knot and you will be able to easily undo it.

With all the alternative uses of cornstarch listed above, there’s more reason for you to keep a box of this very versatile ingredient in your pantry.


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