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Tips in Choosing Wallpaper for your Room

Wallpaper is a great way to decorate a room. With the right type and design of wallpaper, you can greatly enhance the appearance and visual appeal of any room. However, with endless patterns, designs and colors available, choosing which wallpaper to buy can become intimidating. To help you make the right choice, here are some simple tips that you can consider:

1. Decide on which type of wallpaper to use. When making a decision, consider the characteristics of a particular type of wallpaper like resistance to humidity, easy to clean, and so on.

2. Once you have decided on the type of wallpaper to use, you can then choose the right pattern and style that can best complement your decorating style.

Types of Wallpaper

The first step in choosing wallpaper for decoration is to decide which type of wallpaper would best complement your room. There are different types of wallpaper available and each of them works best for a particular surface, room or area:

1. Vinyl-Coated. This type of wallpaper is coated with acrylic vinyl and is very easy to clean. It is also resistant to long-term exposure to grease and humidity and is best recommended for kitchens, basements, and bathroom walls.

2. Fabric-Coated. Fabric-coated wallpapers are coated with vinyl but in liquid form. They work best in areas with low humidity such as bedrooms.

3. Fabric-Backed Vinyl. This type has a layer of fabric that is laminated to a solid vinyl layer. This type of wallpaper is durable and cleans easily.

4. Paper-Backed Vinyl. This type has a pulp or paper layer underlying the vinyl surface. It is highly resistant to any climate, cold or humid. It is also very easy to clean by scrubbing the surface.

These are just the four common types of wallpaper you can choose from. If you try to search around, you may find some other types that can work best for you.

Wallpaper Patterns and Designs

Different patterns and designs can have different effects to a particular room:

  • Bold abstract prints. To give your room a contemporary look, choose wallpaper with bold abstract print.
  • Floral design. If you prefer a more traditional or country look, opt for small floral design.
  • Small prints. Light-colored wallpaper with small prints can make your room look more spacious and they are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and other small spaces in the house.¬† Mini-prints in dark-colored wallpaper on the other hand give the opposite effect and are ideal to give bigger living rooms a cozy and intimate effect.
  • Large prints. If a room looks very plain, wallpaper with large prints is ideal as it can add more visual interest to it. Additionally, it also makes a room look smaller.
  • Geometric prints. This include grids and plaids pattern. Geometric prints give the impression of continuous space.
  • Strong vertical lines. This makes the ceiling look higher.
  • Diagonal stripes. This makes the room look wider.
  • Horizontal patterns. This makes the room look wider and the ceiling lower.

With the different kinds of wallpaper available, you can customize the look of any room in your home. It is just a matter of choosing the right type and the right pattern of wallpaper. The tips mentioned above will give you a basic knowledge that will help you in choosing the right wallpaper and ultimately in transforming the look of your rooms.


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