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Carpeting vs. Area Rugs: Which One to Choose

Which one do you prefer, rugs or carpets? Many people find it hard to decide between the two because each one has its own unique characteristics. And with a wide range of options for carpets and rugs, making a choice is even more challenging. To help you out, here are some of the important factors or areas where rugs and carpets differ:


Industry standard considers any piece measuring at least 40 square feet a carpet. Any less is called a rug. But nowadays, the term carpet often denotes wall-to-wall carpeting as opposed to rugs which cover only a certain area of a room.


Both rugs and carpets can be made from a variety of materials such as silk, wool and synthetic materials. However, carpets are more known to be made from synthetic and mass-produced materials such as nylon. High-end rugs on the other hand are commonly made of silk or wool.


Carpets are warm and soft underfoot and provides excellent cushion in case of fall. They are also more affordable. Normally, carpets are available in a solid neutral color so they can easily complement with a room’s furnishings.  Another good thing about carpet is in hiding floor imperfections. Homeowners who don’t really like their type of flooring usually cover it with carpets to achieve a better look.

Rugs don’t really provide as much comfort as carpets do and they don’t also cover the entire floor area of a room. However, for decorative purposes, it is easier to make a statement using colorful area rugs. There are also more sizes, color and design choices for rugs than carpets. But pricewise, rugs especially those in the high-end are generally more expensive than carpets. Thankfully, you can easily take them with you in case you move to another house, or you want it moved from one room to another, something which is very difficult to do with carpets. Some rugs are even considered part of the family treasure and have been passed down from generation to generation.


Between rugs and carpets, the latter is considered more difficult to deep-clean. They can also easily wear out. Most household consider it necessary to re-carpet within 10 years or so. And when you replace, you really have to replace the carpeting of the entire room.

Rugs on the other hand are easier to clean and could last for more than 10 years if properly maintained. Persian rugs for example are considered at its best when it reaches 30 to 40 years old.


Both carpets and rugs have major drawbacks. Carpets are known to easily catch and hold dust, mites, odors and other allergens. It is not an ideal choice if someone in the family has asthma or allergies of the same nature. This is not an issue when you use rugs. However, if you opt for rugs, you should at least have nice flooring because sections of your floor will be exposed.  Also, rugs can be a tripping hazard if you are not careful when walking on the edge. You can solve this problem by taping the rug on the floor using double sided tape.

Both carpets and rugs have pros and cons and knowing some of them as listed above can help you make the right choice on which between the two is more fitted for your home, lifestyle and preference.


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