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Essential Tools and Equipment for Maintaining a Clean Home

You don’t need to have very expensive gadgets just to maintain a clean home. All you need are some basic cleaning tools and equipment. You might already be familiar with some of them while others might be new to you:


  • Feather duster – The classic feather duster is made from ostrich feather and is very efficient in removing dust from delicate items such as lampshades, works of art, figurines, mirrors, and other collectibles;
  • Lamb’s-wool duster – This type of duster has a long wand designed for removing dust from hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling fans;
  • Duster for blinds – It has soft fiber fingers that can slide easily between blinds and remove dust;
  • Soft cloths – Damp soft cloths are effective for wiping and holding dirt. They can be used on almost any types of surface;
  • Microfiber duster – The microfiber duster is effective in picking up dust and hair on almost any surface or delicate materials.


  • Hand broom and dustpan – This is ideal for instantly removing small dirt on the floor;
  • Rubber broom – Rubber broom is very effective in picking up hair off the floor; it is very useful in cleaning the bathroom;
  • Utility broom – For larger areas in the house that require heavy sweeping such patios, driveways and garages, the utility broom is most ideal to use;
  • Broom with angled-bristles – this type of broom is ideal for cleaning tight corners including spaces behind the furniture because it can fit into these places.


  • String mop – A string mop is ideal for mopping large areas and even tight corners;
  • Dust mop – After vacuuming, there could be some dust and particles on the floor that a vacuum cleaner misses; use this mop for picking up those particles; it is very handy and ideal also for doing quick touchups in case some parts of the floor become dirty due to spills;
  • Sponge mop – This type of mop is very convenient to use and they are ideal for cleaning bathrooms and small kitchens.

Miscellaneous items

  • Microfiber cloths – Always keep several pieces of these cloths as they come very handy in almost any chore. They are washable and work well with just water;
  • Spray bottles – Store you homemade cleaning solutions in spray bottles for easy and more convenient access anytime you use them;
  • Old toothbrush – Old toothbrushes can be used for cleaning spaces where big brushes can’t;
  • Scrub brush – Scrub brush really works well in removing dirt and even stains from rough surfaces;
  • Rubber gloves – You need to use a pair of these gloves especially when you are cleaning using commercial cleaners that contain harmful chemicals;
  • Squeegee – Works well on cleaning windows and mirrors;
  • Disinfectant wipes – Use them to disinfect some of the dirtiest things in the house like the telephone handle, refrigerator handle, doorknobs, counters and others;
  • Paper towels and sponges – Very handy for wiping dry almost any type of surface;
  • Caddy – This will hold all your cleaning tools and equipment all in one place.

Having the right cleaning tools can really make a big difference in making your home clean. With these basic cleaning tools, you can be more efficient and effective in cleaning your home.


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