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Five Great Wall Decors for Your Kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen is one area in the home that is often frequented by most family members to prepare, to cook, or to get food. Visitors too can be entertained in the kitchen as long as you have a seating area where you can offer them something to eat or drink. That is why it is important that your kitchen too should be presentable and beautifully decorated.

kitchen wall decor

If you like to enhance the beauty of your kitchen and incorporate some color into it, one of the best ways is with the use of wall decors. There are several types of wall decors that are perfect for kitchens:

1. Framed artwork. One of the popular and perhaps the simplest wall décors for your kitchen is a framed artwork or photograph. You could choose a food-themed artwork or any artwork theme that you prefer. You could also choose colorful frames, wooden frames, or steel frames as long as they can enhance the look of your wall. Or you could choose one big frame or several smaller frames together. You could then hang them on an empty wall where there are no cabinets to block the view.

2. Signage. Signage or monograms are a unique way to decorate your kitchen wall. You could hang a signage that says, “Welcome to XYZ Kitchen,” or “Enjoy Good Food Here at XYZ Kitchen,” or you could put any message you would like to say to your visitors. Vinyl wall decals with a wide variety of sayings are available in many stores. You could also have them custom-made with your own sayings. Put your signage in a strategic area where it is visible to everyone.

3. Chalkboard. A chalkboard can also be an excellent functional décor for your kitchen. You could use it to artistically scribble your menu for the day or put any inspiring message. What is good about a chalkboard is that you can change its message anytime. You can add some colors into it by using colored chalks. You could then hang your chalkboard where it can be seen by your family.

4. Chinaware. Your chinaware as well as any other lovely kitchenware will also make a beautiful decoration for your wall. Just make sure to mount them properly to avoid falling or damaging your precious wares. You could use a peg rack to mount your beautiful mugs or plates with assorted colors or with color coordination.

5. Clock. A clock is a useful instrument that can also be used as a wall décor for your kitchen. Clocks are very useful in the kitchen because cooking also requires exact timing. There is a wide range of clock designs that you can choose from. Choose a clock with a decorative frame that will complement the existing decors in your kitchen. Put your clock in a wall that is visible to you while cooking.

Most of the wall decors that you can use in your kitchen are functional and can really enhance how your kitchen will look. Invest in any one of these decors and you will surely enjoy spending more time in your kitchen.


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