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Health And Wellness Benefits Of Medicinal Mushrooms.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms.

In the last couple of months, much of the world’s attention has been on COVID-19. The virus has wreaked havoc globally, and all hopes rest on finding a viable vaccine. But did you know that by including mushrooms in your diet, you could straighten your immune system and protect yourself against this virus? Modern science has rediscovered the health benefits of taking medicinal mushrooms. We are going to take it a little further and tell about the wellness benefits of two particular species: Chaga, and Lion’s Mane.

Chaga Mushrooms

What Chaga mushroom lacks in appearance, it makes up for it in health-giving qualities. Known as the “king of mushrooms” by ancient health practitioners, it has special properties that can boost your health and overall wellness. Here are some of the proven health benefits you can obtain by including Chaga mushrooms in your diet:

  • It contains compounds that can help you fight certain cancers, heart disease, and diabetes. (1)
  • It is packed with antioxidants which can help to reduce the effects of stress and slow down the physical effects of aging. (2)
  • It helps your body to fight off bacterial infections and can reduce long-term inflammation. (3)
  • It boosts your ability to produce beneficial cytokines that promote your immune system. (4)
  • It inhibits the production of inflammatory cytokines reducing the effects of critical ailments. (5)
  • It helps to reduce levels of harmful cholesterol. (6)

Chaga also contains a protein that inhibits blood clotting. This is a potential negative side effect of taking the mushroom supplement. However, it could also be a solution for severe COVID cases where doctors have observed abnormal blood clotting.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s mane mushrooms have also been widely used in Eastern cultures for centuries to treat a variety of ailments and boost overall wellness. They are often enjoyed raw or taken in teas. People describe the mushroom as having a “seafood flavor.” Some of the medicinal benefits of Lion’s mane mushrooms are:

  • It has neurotrophic qualities, thus can stimulate the growth and development of brain cells, and prevent neuron damage. Thus it can help against dementia and conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. (78)
  • It can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. (9)
  • Regulates the growth of H. pylori, thus prevents the effects of excess stomach acid and the development of stomach ulcers. (10)
  • Reduces inflammation in the intestines, thus prevents tissue damage and the development of ailments such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. (11)
  • It helps our bodies to metabolize fats and prevents oxidation of cholesterol which promotes cardiovascular health. (1213)

Like Chaga mushroom, Lion’s mane contains Hericenone B: a protein that inhibits blood clotting. This can be useful where there is abnormal blood clotting, thus causing risks.

In the recent past, there has been an upsurge in the commercial production of both Chaga, and Lion’s mane mushroom supplements. However, research shows that it’s only high-quality supplements, which contain high levels of bioactive compounds, that are effective. When you are searching for a Chaga or Lion’s mane supplement, stick to the premium products. You’ll be taking a reliable dose of health and wellness.

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