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5 Ways to Discourage Burglars in Your Home

While there are some obvious things that you can do to keep burglars away like locking securely all the entryways to your home such as doors and windows, there are some other things that you can do to discourage burglars. These things are very simple but they can help avoid break-ins especially when there is no one home.


1. Get to know your neighbors.

If you get to know your neighbors and are friends with them, they are more likely to take a casual eye on your home. Close-knit neighborhoods can discourage burglars and normally have fewer cases of break-ins. In the United States, there is the Neighborhood Watch Program where you can invite your neighbors to join it so that you can watch each other’s back when there is no one at home.

2. Don’t leave your spare key anywhere outside.

Many people hide their spare key to their house anywhere around the door like under the doormat or on the top part of their door frame. Not doing this can discourage burglars from entering your home. Burglars also have instincts and sooner or later can discover your hiding place for your key. If you have to leave your spare key outside in case you lock yourself out, leave it to a friend or neighbor instead.

3. Don’t make a hiding place for burglars in your yard.

Trees and shrubs around your home can be a hiding place for burglars to wait for the right time to break into your home. Discourage burglars by trimming down trees in your yard where burglars can hide or climb up to have access to your window or upper floor. Trim large bushes as well because they can be a hiding place for burglars. And it will help if the bushes around your home are thorny because burglars definitely don’t want to hide in them.

4. Don’t show-off.

Don’t leave important belongings lying around in your yard as it can be a source of temptation for burglars. Like if you have a bicycle, don’t just leave it outside where burglars can easily walk away with it. Instead, store it in a safe place. Also, if you have a new expensive electronic item or appliance, make sure that the box is not displayed outside your trash bin. It can give burglars an idea about what things they can get by breaking into your home. Additionally, if your curtains are always open, make sure that no expensive things or valuables can be seen from outside. The fewer things that people outside can see through your windows, the safer it will be for you.

5. Don’t give burglars an idea that you are not at home.

Trick burglars that there is someone at home even when there is no one home. When somebody is at home, it will discourage burglars from breaking in. Always give the impression that someone is inside even when your family is on vacation. You can install lightings that automatically turn on during night time and turn off during day light. Also, don’t announce your plans of family trips to anyone. And if you have to leave for several days, request a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your property.

By doing these simple things, you can discourage burglars from breaking into your home.

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