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Energy Saving Tips for Major Appliances: Washing Machine

There are a number of ways on how you can save energy when using washing machine. In fact, these are very simple things that when you do and observe regularly can greatly make a big difference in your electric bill.

Washing Machine Energy Saving Tips

1. Check user’s manual for energy saving tips.

Usually, the user’s manual for any appliance contains some helpful tips on how you can save electricity. Read your manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Check your unit’s maximum capacity and wash in full loads.

Washing one full load will help you cut down on water and energy consumption instead of dividing the same volume of laundry in several batches. In this connection, it is best to schedule your laundry than having it done when you just feel like it. Your machine will still work efficiently as long as you don’t overload your washer.

3. Select lower temperature settings as much as possible.

When washing, avoid using hot temperature except on greasy clothes. Instead, use cold or warm water in washing. For rinsing, use cold water only. Your washing machine consumes a lot of energy for heating water therefore avoiding it as much as possible can greatly help you save energy.

4. Dry the same types of clothes or fabrics together.

Do not mix hard-to-dry fabrics such as bath towels with easy-to-dry ones such as cotton otherwise you will end up spending more energy drying clothes that are already dry while others are still wet. Additionally, do not add wet clothes to a load of partially dried items.

5. Air-dry as much as possible

You can save much on energy consumption if you air-dry your clothes. But if it is not possible, you can still save by reducing your drying time, or drying in succession to take advantage of the residual heat from the first batch.

6. If using the dryer, dry in full loads.

Know the maximum capacity of your dryer and take advantage of it. Drying in full loads also saves energy. Do not overfill though.

7. Clean the dryer filter regularly.

A dirty filter will not be as efficient as clean filters. Make sure that your dryer filter is cleaned after each use. That way, you can achieve maximum efficiency in dryer performance because a clogged filter extends drying time.

8. Use the energy saving features of your dryer.

Auto-dry setting that is very common in newer models saves more energy that drying using the timer because the latter tends to over-dry clothes.

9. If you have a very old model of washing machine, consider replacing it.

You will save more in the long run if you use modern models of washing machines that have energy saving features and that are more efficient in terms of performance. Consider buying a front loader because it consumes less water and less energy in heating. Look for the energy star as well because these units use less amount of electricity than ordinary washing machines.

Wash your clothes while keeping your energy consumption to a minimum. Observe these simple energy saving tips for your washing machine and you will truly reap the rewards of great savings.

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