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Good Reasons Why We Should Laugh

How often do you laugh a day? This is seemingly an odd question but its answer really does matter. As they say, laughter is the best medicine and there seems to be truth in this famous saying because laughter or laughing indeed brings many health and emotional benefits to us as can be observed. These benefits are good reasons why we should laugh a good laugh whenever possible.

Emotional Benefits of Laughter

1. Makes you feel good. After a good laugh, a person usually feels more relieved, positive and optimistic despite stresses or problems. Even in trying times, laughter can make someone feel better.

2. Dissolves your worries and distressing feeling. When laughing, you don’t feel angry, sad or worried. Laughter just radiates positive emotions.

3. Relieves stress and helps you relax. When you are stressed from work, laughing can help reduce the stress and rejuvenate your energy.

4. Improves your mood. When you are down and you hear someone laughing or making a good joke, that can help improve your mood as well.

5. Adds color and zest to your life. A joyful person who frequently smiles or laughs has likely more friends and a colorful social life than those who don’t.

Health Benefits of Laughter

1. Boosts your immune system. Some studies show that laughter can boost our immune system and increase the level of immune cells. As you laugh, you deepen your breath which in turn increases the lymphatic flow. The increase in lymphatic flow is well-documented and is proven to increase the level of anti-infection and antiviral cells in our body. Additionally, the level of immunoglobulin A, our first line of defense against infections such as colds and flu is also increased.

2. Promotes a healthy cardio-vascular system. After a good laugh, your pulse rate as well as blood pressure tends to drop as you feel more relaxed.

3. Slows down the aging process. People who often smile and laugh tend to have a younger appearance because laughter greatly reduces wrinkles and skin sagging by toning the facial muscles.

4. Increases energy level. When you laugh, the blood and major organs get fully oxygenated, thus increasing your energy level.

5. Increases concentration, learning and memory. In a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, it was found out that humor during lectures increases the test scores of students.

With the benefits of laughter in our emotional and physical health, it will be good to always try to find or create an opportunity to laugh.

Here are some ways on how to create an opportunity to laugh:

  • Watch comedy movies or TV shows
  • Read funny stories
  • Spend time with funny people
  • Share good jokes and funny stories
  • Read humor magazines
  • Play with children or pets
  • Listen to funny jokes and funny anecdotes of people
  • Do something funny

Laughter is a very inexpensive and simple way to maintain a healthy emotional and physical life. Make it a habit to laugh and enjoy its many benefits.

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