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Killer Breath: In Case Those Hilarious Movie Clips Become Your Reality

You might be familiar with those hilarious movies of a woman being out of breath when his man says “hi” for the first time. What if love is not just enough? You will probably say that it is impossible. But, what if this one becomes your reality? Will you not talk for a lifetime? Most probably not! So here are some tips on how to get a bad breath remedied.

bad reath

Because we are human, we need to eat. That is where it all begins. Foods that are stuck in our mouth and teeth are the source of food of the bacteria which can live in our mouth. But it is just not right to not do anything about it. Here are some causes of bad breath and how to get rid of them:

  • Poor Hygiene

When you were young, you might have been told by your parents to always brush your teeth three times a day. Now that you are grown up, you just flush mouthwash and you are all done. Is that it? No, you still need to brush your teeth because your mouth is more prone to bacteria when there are traces of food inside your mouth which mouthwash can’t remove.

  •  Tooth Crowning

Tooth crowning is an artificial tooth that sits over the original tooth. Actually, there is nothing wrong with crowning. The problem begins when the crown is dislodged or does not fit properly. Food and bacteria will then slowly infiltrating the crown which will cause a stinking smell. No matter how much you brush, you will never get the stuck food out. The only way to remedy this is to go to a dentist, remove the structure, and have the crown cleaned up. Here is something that you need to remember: if the crown does not fit, bonding won’t do the trick. Perhaps you will need to replace it or else have stinky breath over and over again.

  •  Tooth Extraction

Again, there is nothing wrong when you have a tooth extracted. Obviously, it will create a hole. A part of its healing process is that the hole will get filled up with blood and the blood will form a blood clot and soon develop into a new bone and new gum. That is the amazing capacity our bodies have. But sometimes, the blood clot will fall out even before it heals completely. And when you eat little traces of food, they will go into the hole replacing the blood clot. Instead of having a regeneration going on, you will have that food stuck in the hole. Whatever brushing you do with that, it would not come out. Instead, if your breath stinks, go to your dentist and have that hole cleaned up and have it replaced with collagen sponge and treated with antibiotics.

These are just some of many more reasons why your breath can stink. You just need to remember that brushing, mouthwash, and dental floss are just the most basic of our hygiene. Let us not just settle on them. Never wait before it is too late. It is sometimes necessary to get the help of professionals for our breath problem to be solved.

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