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5 Steps on How to Do Spring Cleaning Like a Pro

There is a famous saying that a clean home is a happy home. And this may be true to some extent because it can give you a relative peace when you see your home clean and in order. However, for many households, maintaining a clean home every day is a luxury because of their busy schedule.

spring cleaning

If you want a clean home but don’t have time to do it more often, you can greatly make a positive change in your home by scheduling a spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is about deep cleaning your home. And if you think that it is hard to do, here are some tips on how to do it like a pro:

1. Make a plan

Planning is essential for the overall success of your spring cleaning. You should have a definite schedule when to start, where to start, what are the things needed, what types of cleaning are needed and what are the assigned tasks of each family member. It would be good if you could put your plans into writing for your reference.

2. Prepare your cleaning supplies

Proper cleaning tools and materials are a must for ordinary cleaning and most importantly for deep spring cleaning. Must haves cleaning supplies include broom, mop, duster, microfiber cloth, brush, all-purpose cleaners and baskets for gathering clutters. It would be good to put all your cleaning supplies in one cleaning cart that you can easily carry around when you clean.

3. Clean one room at a time

You cannot clean your whole house in one day. The best way to do spring cleaning is to do it one room or one portion at a time. Do it slowly but properly. Cleaning should be done from top to bottom or from ceiling to floor. And as you go, pick all the clutters, not only those that you can see, but also clutters in your closet and cabinets in the entire house. Put them in the clutter basket.

4. Sort your clutters

After cleaning all areas in your home, you will be surprised by how much clutter you have gathered. Sort them out as to which ones should remain, to be donated and to be discarded. This may be a challenging job to do especially if there are so much that you have gathered. You can let your family help you out especially if the things to be sorted include their belongings.

5. Consider building a storage room

If you have so much things in your home which you don’t like to discard or donate because of sentimental value but you find them out of place like an old furniture you have inherited, or you may have a huge collection of tools which are crowding your basement or garage, you may want to consider building a separate storage room in your back yard if you have a big space. If not, you can also remodel your house to incorporate it.

With all these tips, you can now have a great time spring cleaning.

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