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Top 8 Things You Can Recycle at Home

Many people hear about recycling but not many are doing it. Recycling is beneficial for the environment. It also allows you to save on buying new things which you could otherwise make out of recycled items.  The best place to start recycling is at home. There are many recyclable things at home that people normally throw. These things can be brought to the junkshop or converted into new products for home use.

recycleHere are eight things you can find at home that you can recycle:

1. Papers

Bond papers which have still a clean side can be collected and bound together to make a scratch pad for children. They can use it for sketching, doodling or solving math problems. Old newspapers and magazines can be collected and sold to the junkshop.  Glossy and colorful magazine covers can also be reused for gift wraps or notebook covers.

2. Clothing

Old clothing is among the top recyclable items at home. You could donate them to charities that collect these things and distribute them to the needy. If you know how to sew, you could make a new rug, a pot holder, placemats, tote bags, clutches, pillow covers and others from old clothes.

3.  Jars

Jars of all sizes can also be reused for other purposes instead of just being thrown into the garbage bin. They can be used as storage for leftover paints and small items such as screws, buttons and nails. For jars from food items, they can also be used as storage for food products in the pantry such as beans, salt, spices and others.

4. Plastics

Any plastic container can be recycled in several ways. They can be collected and sold to junk shops or organizations that collect them.  Milk, juice or water plastic containers can be cut open and used for planting seedlings. They can be decorated also and be made into a pencil holder or vase. For other plastic containers with flat surfaces such as ice cream containers, they can be used as food storage for leftover foods that you would store in the refrigerator.

5. Cardboards

You can send cardboard products for recycling and help save energy for making new cardboards. You could also make them into various art products like for making a toy car for children. Stronger cardboards are also good for storage.

6. Yard Waste

If you just mowed your lawn, don’t throw away grass clippings. Instead, use them as compost to fertilize your garden naturally. They can also be used as natural mulch.

7. Old Tires

If you don’t have any idea on what to do with your old tires, give them away to your neighbor who may have a good use for them, or give them away to organizations that collect them. Or you could convert them into beautiful planters and paint them to have a better look. You could also make an old tire into a swing.

8. Plastic bags

Don’t throw away your plastic bag after its first use. You can reuse it on your next visit to the grocery store or use it as litter bag when you walk your dog.

By recycling the things listed here, you can enjoy the many benefits of recycling.

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