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Tips In Deep Cleaning Your Home Naturally

Tips in Deep Cleaning Your Home Naturally

Once the winter is over, it is time again to deep clean your home in preparation for spring. Deep cleaning is not an easy task. You could hire a professional house cleaner or clean your house yourself. If you choose a cleaning company, be sure to choose one that uses natural cleaning products. And if you opt to clean the house on your own, here are some simple steps to help you in deep cleaning your home naturally:

1. Prepare a natural cleaning agent.

Why buy cleaning products when you can make your own? Before starting to clean, prepare any of the following products that you could use in deep cleaning your home naturally:

Vinegar – Prepare an all-purpose cleaner composed of equal parts white vinegar and water

Lemon and lime – It works like vinegar and can also be made into an all-purpose cleaner

Essential oils – Lemon, peppermint and tea tree essential oils are among the oils that you could use as anti-bacterial cleaners

Hydrogen peroxide – Put this into a spray bottle; spray on countertops, bathrooms, kitchen sinks and other areas that you have to disinfect

Use hydrogen peroxide to clean hard surfaces like countertops, cutting boards, bathrooms, floors and kids’ toys. Be sure to store it in an opaque spray bottle since exposure to light may decrease its effectiveness.

2. Pre-clean your entire house.

Pre-cleaning is the first step in deep cleaning. Pre-cleaning should be done in one area at a time, depending on where you like to start deep cleaning. In this step, what you have to do is to pick up the clutter and garbage and return misplaced items. It is best done as a family. A suggestion would be for each family member to have a basket for misplaced items and to return them to their proper places later on.

3. Clean the top zone.

You have to do this one room at a time. For example, if you are cleaning the living room, clean first the top zone or those areas that are often neglected, like the top of a cabinet, ceiling fans, high windows, light fixtures and other things you can find above your head. Remove the dust using a damp cloth and replace air filters when needed.

4. Clean the middle zone.

Anything you can see at eye level is the middle zone. This zone may include curtains you have to wash, windows you have to dust, and walls and wall decors that you have to clean.

5. Clean the low zone.

This zone is perhaps the dirtiest you have to clean. It includes regular furniture that you have to vacuum and clean. In bedrooms, it includes bed linens to change and wash. In the bathroom, common items in the low zone are bathtubs, sinks counters and toilets. The bathroom is where you can use your natural home cleaners to clean and disinfect.

6. Clean the floor.

After cleaning everything above, it is understandable to have a dusty and dirty floor. You could vacuum carpets and rugs and then sweep and mop the floor. Soak the mop in water with a few drops of peppermint oil for a nice smell. Be sure to thoroughly clean areas that are often neglected such as at the back and under furniture.

It can be fun to clean your home if you are doing it with your family. Also, remember these steps when cleaning for a cleaner and greener home.

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