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7 Quick Beauty Fixes under an Hour: All found In Your Kitchen!

Emergency beauty dilemmas are just around the corner, waiting to strike. But don’t fret! Good thing that your kitchen (and yes it includes your fridge and your pantry!) holds plenty a source of quick and inexpensive beauty fixes that can help you when you are stuck in a beauty jam. So get ready to battle off emergency beauty jams under an hour with some of these quick beauty fixes found in your kitchen.

1. POTATOES: Waking up with puffy eyes? On each eye, place a thin, cold slice of potato. Let it sit on your eyes for 10 minutes and you’ll say puff-be-gone in no time.

2. ICE CUBES: After washing your face when you wake up, smooth on an ice cube on your face, and then pat dry. You’ll notice your skin feel supple and clean.

3. EGG AND LEMON: Redness in the face sometimes comes out after waking up. To tone and supple up without the redness, try the egg and lemon mask. Simply add an egg white into a bowl together with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice; beat it and apply the concoction on your face. Let it sit for about 15 to 30 minutes and, ta-da!

4. AVOCADO PEELINGS: Before you throw out your avocado peelings from making a yummy guacamole, you might want to save some for your face. Gently smother peeling (fruit side) onto the face and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse off and you’ll instantly see the effect of how soft, supple and smooth your skin will be. The avocado peeling aids in the elimination of dead skin, and, at the same time, the essential oils from its fruit makes a great moisturizer.

5. HONEY SUGAR AND OLIVE OIL: For that kissable lips you always want, use honey sugar and olive oil for a lip scrub. Combine these three to make a pasty solution and with your toothbrush, gently scrub onto the lips. Rinse and voila!

6. BROWN SUGAR AND OLIVE OIL: Want to exfoliate your feet on the dot? Try this mixture. Combine brown sugar and olive oil together forming a sandy-pasty muddle. Set this aside and find a tub to soak your feet in warm water for 5 minutes. Then grab the sugar-oil mixture and begin rubbing and massaging your feet, making sure to target the heels, ankles, sides of the feet and in between the toes. Once that’s done, rinse your feet with cold water and notice how touch-ably soft and smooth your feet will be. Note: This scrub is great for your knees, elbows and hands too! J

7. WATERMELON PEELINGS: Don’t throw those watermelon peelings away just yet. You could use it to clean your nails. On the fruit side of the peeling, scratch your nails as if scratching your back for 20 seconds. Rinse off and see how clean, sparkling and pinkish your nails get.

So in case you might find yourself in a sticky emergency beauty jam, remember these quick beauty fixes that can surely help your wellbeing and boost your confidence to face the world.

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