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Snapping Pictures on an Autumn Walk

There’s a special kind of beauty in autumn. The trees are turning from green to golden yellow, orange and red. Some flowers are still blooming but you know they will soon become dormant until the spring. With the cooler temperatures of the fall months, it’s a perfect time for snapping pictures on an autumn walk.

Taking a walk and snapping pictures during the fall is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. You can burn a lot of calories while taking photographs without even realizing it. First you have to walk until you find something you want to take a photo of. Then you may have to stoop or squat to get just the right angle for the picture. Each of these activities will use different muscle groups and be good exercise. You may also get lost in the excitement and forget how long you’ve been active.

Being outdoors also does wonders for boosting your mood. You can hear the birds chirping, see others who are out in nature enjoying themselves and you can’t help to feel better. It also helps to change your mood by staying active rather than sitting indoors and being a couch potato.

Search for soothing scenes while you’re on your walk. Watch children play and enjoy their time in nature. Children naturally like having their pictures taken, so it is unlikely you’ll want for decent subject matter.

As an added bonus, the crisp, fall air will help to soothe away stress and anxiety. Being active boosts endorphins which will help to melt any stress or tension you may be experiencing.

Many cameras, particularly digital cameras, come with the ability to shoot short videos. This may be something extra you can do if the situation presents itself. It is important, however, to know that using the video function on a digital camera can greatly reduce the number of photographs you’re able to take as well as wearing down your batteries quicker.

Keep in mind when going on an autumn walk you should dress in layers so you can remove clothing if you get too warm. You might also want to have a brimmed hat and lightweight gloves depending upon the time of day you head out.

It is also important to remain hydrated while you’re out and about taking pictures. Take enough water for each person who is with you. This will accomplish two things – you’ll stay hydrated and you won’t be as tempted to stop and get a soft drink on your way home.

Wearing sunscreen while you’re outdoors snapping photos is another good idea. Even though the temperatures are cooler, that doesn’t mean the sun won’t burn you. It is especially essential to use sunscreen on young children so their tender skin doesn’t get sunburned.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a nice, cool autumn day. One of the most enjoyable is to take hike in nature and enjoy snapping pictures on an autumn walk. Be sure to bring extra batteries, film if you have a non-digital camera and extra SD cards if you have a digital. Then, get outdoors; enjoy the walk and snapping pictures.

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