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The Benefits of Drinking Water at the Right Time

Water is a universal drink that many people recognize. It is inexpensive, widely available, and naturally free of chemicals. We know that water can quench thirst. But there is more to water than we may think. Water has many health benefits too especially when taken at the right time.


Here are some health benefits of drinking water at a particular time:

2 Glasses Before Meals

Water is an appetite suppressant. It also makes you feel less hungry. Drinking at least 2 glasses of water before meals can lessen your appetite for food, preventing you to eat more. Additionally, it quenches your thirst and helps you avoid drinking soda and other beverages during meals. This habit of drinking water before meal can help you lose weight.

2 Glasses After Waking Up

Drinking 2 glasses of water right after waking up stimulates bowel movement and helps activate the organ in the body. It is also useful in preventing the symptoms of heartburn. Heartburn is very common in the morning when the stomach is empty and there is no food to dilute the acid in the stomach. By drinking water, you can neutralize the acid, thus preventing heartburn. Some studies also show that drinking water first thing in the morning is also good for cleansing of the colon so that it can be more effective in absorbing nutrients and for increasing the production of muscle tissue and blood cells.

1 Glass Before Shower

Drinking a glass of water before getting a shower can calm you down and help lower your blood pressure.

1 Glass Before Bed

Taking at least a glass of water before going to bed brings numerous benefits. One of them is in detoxifying the body. Water is a natural body cleanser and it attracts toxins helping the body remove toxins while you sleep. Water also allows you to have a better sleep because it has a relaxing and calming effect to the muscles and to the mind. Also, water keeps your body hydrated. The body is composed of mostly water which needs to be replenished for the body to work properly.

Drinking water anytime of the day

Drinking water instead of soda or energy drinks anytime of the day offers great benefits to your health. When you drink water, it helps dissolve and flush toxins out of your system. It also helps transport nutrients to different parts of your body. If you are suffering from arthritis, drinking water can help soothe its symptoms as it keeps joints and cartilages in shape. It also maintains the pH balance in the body. And most importantly, it keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

There are a lot of good reasons why you should drink water at the right time during the day. Perhaps the only time when you should not drink water is during mealtimes because doing so dilutes the acid in the stomach which aids in the digestion. Other than this time, you can drink water to satisfy your thirst and to give your body the health benefits that water has to offer. So if you like to stay healthy, do not substitute water for any commercial drink. Satisfy your thirst with water and you are sure to achieve good health.

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