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Tips in Cleaning and Organizing Your Fridge

If there’s one appliance in the house that never gets a day off, that would be the fridge or refrigerator. In most households, refrigerators are kept running 24/7 to preserve the food items stored in it. And oftentimes, the refrigerator is also one of the most disorganized and dirtiest appliances in the house with spills, overcrowding items, bad odor, expired and spoiled foods, you name it. Although it is used daily, many people neglect cleaning and organizing their fridge because it requires so much time and effort to clean or organize it.

Maintaining a clean and organized fridge is important to keep the food fresher, to avoid bad odors, and keep the unit working more efficiently. Here are some tips on how to maintain a clean and organized refrigerator.

1. Wipe spills immediately while still fresh and wet.

If something spilled inside the fridge like juice, milk, ketchup or stored food, wipe it immediately before it dries. Wet spills are easier to clean than dried ones. Also, before storing anything in the fridge, make sure that the containers are clean and the contents are not spilling.

2. Check for spoiled and expired items regularly.

Get rid of spoiled or expired items inside the fridge by doing a weekly check. This will save you more storage space while helping you and your family to avoid consuming food items that are no longer meant to be consumed.

3. Organize all items stored.

Do a system of organizing items inside your fridge. For beverages that have an expiration date, you can arrange them based on which item is closer to the expiration date so that you can consume them as soon as possible. For fruits, vegetable and meat items, you can also arrange them with the latest purchases at the back of the shelf so that you will have to consume first the items that were earliest purchased and prevent them from spoiling or rotting. You can have your own system of organizing. Just make sure that your system will allow you to easily keep track of what is inside your fridge.

4. Remove bad odors using natural deodorizer.

Baking soda and activated charcoal are perfect deodorizers for your fridge. Keep a cup of baking soda or activated charcoal inside the fridge and it will eliminate all bad odors.

5. Store leftover foods in airtight containers.

Doing this is the best way to prevent lingering bad odor inside the fridge. Additionally, it will prevent the stored food from drying out.

6. Clean the door seal and check if it’s properly working.

The door seal is very important to keep the cold temperature inside the fridge from coming out. If the door seal is defective, it can also affect the stored items inside the fridge. The door seal will work at its best when it is clean and free of dirt.

7. Seasonally, deep clean your fridge.

The refrigerator needs seasonal deep cleaning to thoroughly clean the inside. When deep cleaning, make sure to turn off the power and empty the fridge with all its contents. Baking soda paste will make an excellent partner in deep cleaning.

These are just the simple and easy ways to keep your fridge clean and organized. If you observe these tips regularly, you will not have a hard time organizing your refrigerator and cleaning it in the

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