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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe While on Summer Vacation

Summer is the best time to travel and spend a vacation with family. But before you travel, you should make sure that you have done all the necessary precautions to keep your home safe while you are away. You don’t want to return from your trip and find out something is missing or that someone broke into your home. So here are some helpful tips that you can follow:


1. Ask a friend to keep an eye on your home. This is one of the best ways to keep your home safe while on summer vacation. Ask a friend, neighbor, or relative to check on your home from time to time. Or if you can request a friend to stay in your house to feed the pets, clean the loan, get the mails, and other sort of things while you are away, that is even better. There are now service providers that offer house sitting services to vacationers. But this can be pricey.

2. Don’t announce to anyone that you are leaving. Some people have the habit of announcing their scheduled travels in their social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. Many people can access your account and by doing this, you may be encouraging a criminal mind. Also, don’t say it in your voice mail or answering machine. You can simply say you cannot attend to their calls at the moment without mentioning you are away on travel.

3. Don’t leave your lights on during your entire vacation just to make it look like there is someone in the house. It can be a costly tactic and might not be effective too because people will surely question why your light is constantly on day and night. Instead, to keep your home safe while on summer vacation, invest in a light switch timer that you can program when to turn it on or off.

4. Leave your curtains exactly how it is when you are around. If you constantly open your window when you are home, leave it as is when you go on vacation. But keep expensive items out of sight. Doing otherwise for several weeks when you are gone for summer vacation is a noticeable change that can hint people that you are not at home.

5. Stop your mail and newspaper delivery. You can either place a temporary stop on receiving mail and newspaper to your home or arrange a friend to pick them up while the family is away. If you fail to do this, your letters or newspaper could pile up in your door and could give criminals a hint that you are away.

6. Unplug your appliances. To keep your home safe while on summer vacation, it will also be good to unplug all your appliances before leaving. This could prevent any accident especially fire from happening. This could also help you save on electricity.

7. Do not hide your spare key in the pot. In saying this, you should not hide your spare key anywhere near your property like under the door mat, above the door frame, or in the hanging plant in your doorway. There is a bigger chance that burglars can find it there.

8. If you have a safety deposit box, store all your valuable possessions there instead of in a drawer that can be easily forced open.

9. Make sure to lock all the doors and windows in your house. Locks can slow down burglars and discourage them from entering your home.

10. If you will be away for a long time, maybe it is a perfect time to install added security features in your home like a security alarm. Having added security features can keep your home safe while on summer vacation.

Now that you have this list of things to do to keep your home safe while on vacation, you can now leave your home with peace of mind as long as you observe these tips that are on the list

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