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What to Do in Preparation for the Arrival of your Cleaning Service

After hiring a cleaning service company, you will be put on schedule for a cleaning appointment. Your cleaning company will be sending cleaning personnel to your home to do the services stated in your contract or agreement with them. As a homeowner, you need to do some preparations to make the transition easier for you and the person who will be cleaning your home.

Things to Do Before the Arrival of Your Cleaning Service

1. Review your contract with the company so that you will be familiar with the services and terms and conditions that are included in your agreement. This could include the number of hours that the cleaning person will be working in your home, parts of your home to clean, extra services if any, and others. Additionally, some cleaning service companies might include in their agreement the party responsible for supplies, tools and needed equipment. If you are assigned to provide for them, be sure to have them ready before the cleaning company arrives.

2. Call the company at least a day in advance if you have special requests that are not included in the original contract. You might want to include additional services apart from those stated in your contract or request for extra hours of service and so on. This way, your cleaning company can make prior arrangements and the necessary adjustments. This could also help avoid any issues or misunderstandings later on.

3. Just because a cleaning company is coming to your home doesn’t mean that you can just live your dirty and cluttered home as is. As a show of courtesy, it is good to pick up some clutter that you can find like toys or used clothes scattered on the floor. This way, your cleaning person can focus more on the real and harder work of cleaning than just picking up clutter. Doing this will benefit you more than the cleaning company or cleaning person.

4. Make sure to keep all the things you consider important and valuable secured like important documents, jewelries and the like. Don’t leave them in places where the cleaning person has easy access otherwise you might be inviting temptation. They might not even be liable for any loss of any unsecured valuables if it is stated in the contract. Although most cleaning service providers screen their personnel for trustworthiness, it is always good to be safe and not to be careless and appear irresponsible with those things.

5. It would also help to have a casual talk with the cleaning person before the actual work. A simple conversation can help make the cleaning person feel at ease with you especially if it is your first appointment. This is also your chance to relay your expectations regarding the quality of service that you expect.

Doing the things listed above is doing your part to start a good relationship with your cleaning service provider. They are not that hard to do so there’s no reason for you not to do them. If you are considering hiring a cleaning service company now, it would be good to familiarize yourself with these things so you will know what preparations you need to do before the cleaning person comes knocking at your door.

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