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4 Things to Remember in Fixing your Closet

Women are most certainly unique in any other way. One thing that is common in women is we are fond of collecting random things. But for us, it is not just any other collections; it is what defines us–our character or our mood. It sometimes gives us a feeling of satisfaction that no other thing in the world can give. That is why giving up those clothing can be sometimes painful. Having this issue of emotions can lead to clutter and a lot of headache when it comes to organizing.


Women are emotional in any aspects indeed. Being able to control an explosion of emotions is a gift that not every woman has. But, it surely can be learned, right? So here are some of the tips you need to consider when cleaning out your closet and avoid those nostalgias.

If you have already decided to clean out your closet, try these guidelines:

1.       Break down in small projects; do them one at a time. A lot of people are advised to get everything out of the closet, but then they run out of time and find themselves throwing back everything in. Surely, you do not want to do that. So the advice is to break them up into smaller portions, like concentrate on your pants first, and then later on, the blouses, the shoes, and so on. With each piece of clothing, ask: when was the last time you wore this? Does it make you feel comfortable? Do you still look good in it?

2.       Think of Charity. Before you finally get into your stuffs for final break down, decide first on who will have the castoffs. Being able to think of charity, keeping in mind that you can help, and deciding where the clothing will go can make you feel better on giving away your things.

3.       Keeper or not? After you have placed a group of clothes out of your closet, inspect each for damage, fitting, and style. You surely don’t want to go out of style, right? Ask these questions again: Does it make you feel comfortable? Does it still fit you? Is it not too far out of style?  Now, if it feels painful again remember this, you are giving away your useless but still precious things to others that can benefit much from it.

4.       Group. Be organized. When you are finally done with the keepers, group the clothes in sections and within sections, group with colors, all pants, all sleeveless shirts, all with sleeves grouped by sleeve length, and all shoes. You can store more shoes on the shelves when you store pairs with right and left shoe facing opposite directions.

After doing these guidelines, the clothes that you do not want to dispose can be stored in what they call “space bags”. Place clothes in the same section folded and with the air sucked out. By sucking the air out of the bag, it will be flattened and will allow you to store more on a shelf. And never forget to clean the closet after you have placed clothes out. Have time to replace shelf papers and redecorate your closet. Wage war against those clutters and have fun!


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