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The Organic Way of Growing Lawn Grass

Having a beautifully manicured lawn will not only enhance your home aesthetically but it will also increase its value. Conversely, if you have a vacant front yard that is unattended, it can also diminish the value of your property and will badly affect the appearance of your home. This is a reality but many homes are not able to keep up with maintaining their lawn. Others are also discouraged with the expensive cost of maintaining a beautiful lawn because of the high cost of fertilizers and weed killers.


Growing lawn grass is not that difficult and expensive at all. There are organic ways on how to grow your lawn grass. Here are some tips on how to do it:

1. First thing to do is test your soil to identify what nutrients it needs. This is very important so that you can buy the right organic fertilizer your soil needs. If you have used chemical products in the past, there is a tendency that those chemicals may have destroyed some of the essential components of your soil. You can buy testing kits from your garden supply store to find out. You may also contact the nearest cooperative extension service in your area because they can test your soil and provide you with a more accurate result and will even suggest how to improve the quality of your soil.

2. Once you have obtained the result of your soil test, you can now identify the nutrients needed by your soil to grow grass. If you have grass clippings, it can provide about half of the nutrients needed by your lawn. You can then supply the other half with organic fertilizers that you can buy from your garden supplier or can also make your own from manure and other natural waste products. You can make your own compost pit in your backyard. If you don’t know how to do this, there are many online resources that will teach you how to make a good compost pit in your backyard.

3. Once your soil is ready, you can now plant the grass in your garden. Overtime, your lawn will grow not only grasses but also weeds. If weeds start to take over your lawn, it is always best to use organic weed killers that will not harm your soil and the environment. Choose an organic weed killer that is either vinegar-based or orange oil-based because they are effective in getting rid of weeds.

4. For the yearly maintenance of your lawn, add half an inch of compost into the soil at least once a year. Make sure to spread it evenly on your lawn and be careful you don’t smother the grasses.

5. Mow your lawn once in a while to promote equal growth of grasses.

A well-maintained lawn is something you can be proud of. You can be more proud if you are able to maintain a beautiful lawn the organic way. With the simple steps and tips mentioned above, it should now be easier for you to make and keep your lawn without using harmful chemicals.

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