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8 Ways to Save Water at Home

Water is important in all households. It is used for different purposes such as for drinking, washing dishes, laundry, food preparation, watering plants, cleaning, bathing, and others. Because of its importance in everyday life, water expense can be considered one of the primary expenses in most households aside with electric expense.


Although water is renewable, water sources are slowly depleting because of human and environmental factors. Also, consuming more water means a higher cost in water bill. That is why conserving water is just as important as conserving electricity. Below are eight simple ways on how you can save water:

1. Conduct routine check of your faucets, pipes, and toilets to detect leaks. Small continuous dripping in your faucet will accumulate several gallons of water per day. The bigger the leak, the more water will be wasted.

2. Install water-efficient shower heads and use low-flow faucet aerators. Having water-efficient and low-flow faucets are really a good way to save water. Depending on how long you usually take a shower, you can save at least 3 gallons of water per shower.

3. Use a float booster or tank bank in your toilet tank. Having these mechanisms is also a good way to save. Not to mention that these mechanisms are inexpensive.

4. Turn-off the shower when not in use. While soaping or shampooing your hair, don’t allow the shower to continue gushing out water. Turn it off and on again when you have to rinse. The same is true while brushing your teeth. Don’t let the water flow while you are still brushing. Only turn it on when you have to rinse.

5. Use the dishwasher and clothes washer only when fully loaded. Doing so will give you optimum savings in water. And if you are to buy a new washer, choose Energy Star clothes washers because they can give you up to 50 percent savings in water.

6. Another basic tip to save on water is to use a pail for car washing instead of a hose. Probably most people already know about this but are just not motivated enough to do it. By not running your hose while washing the car, you will be able to save more than 5 gallons of water in just one washing.

7. When cleaning your driveway or walkway, use a broom instead of the hose.

8. Use a targeted hose when watering your garden instead of a sprinkler system. With a sprinkler system, you waste more water while not being able to water some parts of your garden. While if you use a hose, you can effectively target the plants you need to water.

Water conservation is a global effort which should start at home. It is easier to do when you make it a goal for the family. All family members should be aware of the importance of saving water. It is not just about lowering your water bill but more importantly, it is about preserving and caring for the environment. If everyone at home knew why you should save water, it would be easier to observe these eight simple ways on how to save water at home.





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