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Pros and Cons of Top Loading and Front Loading Washing Machines

Washers or washing machines are very useful appliances. In fact, they are indispensable in many households.  Washing machines are available in different brands and models. However, there exist two basic types: front-loading and top-loading washing machines. And if you don’t know yet the difference between the two, read on and see their pros and cons.


Ordinary Top-Loading Washing Machines

Top-loading washing machines are the traditional type which is still popular to this day. Its lid is located at the top of the machine and clothes are also loaded through the top. The distinctive feature of this type of washer is its agitator which sticks to the cavity of the machine.


  • Most models allow you to add laundry even after the wash cycle has started
  • Sorter wash cycle, thus saves you energy
  • With minimal vibration
  • Problem with musty odor is not very common
  • With a less complex control panel and is easy to operate
  • Less expensive compared to most front-loader models


  • Not very efficient when the machine is fully loaded to the brim
  • May not be able to accommodate big-size laundry such as comforters
  • Not stackable because you have to open the top lid from time to time
  • Retains more water in the wet load after dry spinning which can lead to longer drying time

High Efficiency Top-Loading Washing Machines

This type of top-loading washing machines has the same style as the ordinary or traditional top-loading washing machine. The difference is that most models of this type don’t have an agitator and can accommodate bigger or bulkier laundry such as comforters. It also uses less water and has better cleaning performance than the traditional ones. Because of these extra benefits, high efficiency top-loading washers are also more expensive. Other than those features, it shares the same pros and cons with the traditional washing machine.

Front-Loading Washing Machines

Front-loading washers have an opening in the front and they normally have no agitator attached to the cavity. It has, however, a barrel where you can put all your laundry. The barrel rocks the laundry to clean.


  • Saves water because clothes are not fully submerged in water when washing.
  • Reduces wear and tear of clothes because they are not directly agitated but instead it is the barrel that rocks back and forth to clean them.
  • Front loaders have stackable top lids because the opening as well as the controls is located at the front.
  • Allows you to wash more items in one cycle
  • With high energy efficiency


  • Most front loaders are more expensive that their top loader counterparts
  • Causes vibration
  • Water can get trapped inside the machine causing musty odor

Both top-loading and front-loading washing machines have pros and cons. There may be washing machine features that you may consider as important. It is important to take them into account when buying your new washing machine. That way, you can buy the one that suits your needs and budget.

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