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5 Fruit Peelings with Amazing Benefits

We may not know it but some of the fruit peelings we just throw away may have some other benefits. They can be used for cleaning, food preparation, in making natural beauty products, and many other uses. Some of the fruit peelings that have amazing uses are listed below:


1. Orange Peelings

  • Flavor enhancer. Add to any meat dish to give it a zesty flavor. You can put the orange peelings in braising liquid or apply it directly onto the meat before cooking. Goes well with roasted or baked dishes. A little zest is also excellent for vegetable salads and pasta dishes.
  • Skin tonic. Rub orange peelings on your face then rinse with warm water after a minute or two.
  • Cocktail. Infuse with vodka and you will have an excellent cocktail.
  • Ant repellent. Put some orange peelings in areas where there are plenty of ants to repel them.
  • Deodorizer. Drop several orange peelings in your garbage can before putting the trash bag to reduce bad odor.

2. Watermelon Peelings

  • Fruit basket. Carve the watermelon shell into a fruit basket and put varieties of fruits. This makes a beautiful table centerpiece.
  • Moisturizer. Rub watermelon peelings on your hands and face for a moisturizing effect.

3. Lemon Peelings

  • Grease cleaner. Sprinkle a greased surface with baking soda then rub it with lemon peelings to totally remove the grease.
  • Coffee pot cleaner. To make your coffee pot sparkle, put salt, ice, and lemon peelings into the empty pot then swirl around for several minutes. Dump contents then rinse.
  • Tea kettle cleaner. To remove build up of mineral deposits that cause discoloration of your tea kettle, put several lemon peelings inside with water then bring to a boil. Turn off heat after boiling and let sit for about an hour before rinsing.
  • Chrome polisher. If you have chrome faucets or door handles at home and you like to give it some sparkle, rub lemon rind over the surface. Rinse then dry with a cloth.
  • Stain remover. Remove tea or coffee stains from cloths by rubbing lemon peelings on the surface.

4. Banana Peelings

  • Treatment for skin problems. The inside part of a banana is rich in potassium and antioxidants and applying it to your skin with skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, and inflammation can heal the affected area.
  • Shoe polish. Rub the inside part of the banana peelings on your leather shoes to give it a shine. Wipe with a dry cloth after rubbing with the peelings.

5. Pomegranate Peelings

  • Treatment for diarrhea. Bring pomegranate peelings to a boil and drink it to soothe diarrhea and other digestive problems.

These are just some of the fruit peelings that have alternative uses.  There are other fruit peelings that have alternative uses too. Next time you will eat any of these fruits, try to take advantage of the alternative uses of its peelings. It is a good way to save and recycle at the same time.

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