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5 Worst Foods That Shouldn’t Be in Your Pantry

Part of having a healthy lifestyle is to have a healthy diet. A healthy diet starts with having a healthy pantry. You just don’t know but some of the foods that you have in your pantry may be the worst foods that should not be in there in the first place especially if you like to promote a healthy diet for your family.

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Here are some of the food items that shouldn’t be in your pantry:

1. Sweetened beverages

Sweetened beverages such as soda and canned juices are nothing but drinks loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. They don’t have any nutritional value. Instead of buying these drinks, you can have tea bags or make pure juices instead.

2. Packaged snacks such as cupcakes, cereal bars, muffins, and crackers

If you always include in your grocery some packaged snacks such as cupcakes, cereal bars, and the likes, you shouldn’t be if you are concerned about health. Most of these snack treats are no more than refined flour, sugar, calories, and saturated fats that you do not want to feed to your family especially the children. You can prove it for yourself by reading the label. Instead, you can substitute these worst foods with whole wheat goodies from a local bakery or from your kitchen.

3. Breakfast cereals that are low in fiber and high in sugar

If your cereal has sugar and refined grain as top ingredients, then it is not healthy for you and your family. Consuming it will not supply you with your needed nutritional content but will adversely affect your health with its high sugar content. Instead, look for cereals that are high in fiber and low in sugar. You will be able to identify which cereal is good for you by comparing the fiber and sugar content of different brands of cereals.

4. Chips (such as potato chips and corn chips)

Chips are popular snacks among children and adults. These chips are high in MSG and saturated fats which can have adverse effects on your health with frequent consumption. MSG and saturated fats are known to cause serious health problems including cancer.

5. Instant noodle cups and instant noodles

Instant noodles may be one of your emergency foods during lazy days, but these too should be considered worst foods and should not be in your pantry. Most of them have high MSG and sodium content which can cause kidney disease, hypertension, and diabetes among others.

These are just some of the products that you should avoid when shopping for food items for your pantry. There are more that you can add to this list and these include food that are high in salt, MSG, saturated fats, and trans-fats that are already known to cause serious health problems. You may not immediately feel the effect of these worst foods on your health but if you are constantly bombarded with these types of foods, your health would be compromised. So to promote a healthy diet to your family, it is better to avoid and get rid of these worst foods in your pantry. Instead, buy foods that have high nutritional content like fresh produce and organic products.


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