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5 Things to Do Around Your Home Before New Year Starts

After enjoying a long vacation on trips, hosting and attending parties and spending time with the family, another year is finally coming to an end. And as the New Year kicks in, you might probably be thinking about how to start the year right. While some people prepare their New Year’s resolution, there is another way to greet the start of the new calendar year on the right track. And that is to organize or clean your home.

Below are 5 things that you can do around your home in preparation for the new calendar year:

1. Organize your pantry

A week after the New Year starts is the perfect time to organize your pantry. You can start by emptying your pantry and cleaning it up. Check for food products that are already past their expiration date and discard them. Restock the pantry for supplies that you need. You might already be low in some supplies right now especially if you hosted visitors during the holiday season.

2. Organize your refrigerator

Whether you spent the long holiday on trips or hosting parties at home, organizing your refrigerator should be one of your priorities once the New Year starts and everything goes back to normal. By this time, your refrigerator might still be cramped with leftover food from the holiday season. Empty the contents of your refrigerator and segregate food items that can be salvaged from those that should be thrown away including leftover and spoiled foods, expired food and drinks, spoiled meat, rotten fruits and vegetables, and others. Don’t forget to deodorize your refrigerator as well before returning items inside.

3. House clean-up

You don’t really have to do deep house cleaning during this time of the year unless you have already scheduled it in advance. By house cleaning, there are just several things you must focus on like vacuuming the floor including rugs and carpets and dusting off blinds and furniture. This is also the best time to check for undetected stains on the floor, rugs, carpets or walls.  Deal with stains using appropriate stain removers.

4. Change curtains, bedcovers, chair or sofa covers and the like

Having new curtains and covers as the year starts gives a pleasant feeling and sense of cleanness. You don’t have to buy new ones if you have a clean and unused set already in the closet. This will also give your living room or bedroom a fresh new look.

5. Check your home for things that needs fixing

Survey your house and check for portions and things that need repair including your ceiling, roof, damaged furniture, and clogged drainage. You don’t need to have them repaired immediately unless the repair is urgent. Just take note and have them fixed at your most convenient time.

Start the year right by doing some of the things listed above. If your schedule does not allow you to do all of them, you can at least do any one or two of the things on the list. It is up to you to decide which of them the most urgent ones are. Organizing and cleaning your home is really a great way to have a good start as another year comes.

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