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Checklist to Be Prosperous in 2013

Every start of the year, many people find it compelling to make a list of New Year’s resolution. But the fact is, to most people these resolutions remain just a list and never fulfilled within the year. So instead of writing a New Year’s resolution, you can be more creative by making a short list of the things that you can do now to be prosperous this year 2013.

The Checklist to Be Prosperous in 2013 is different from a resolution. Just like any other checklist, it can help you monitor your progress by checking off the things that you already accomplished. That way, you can also easily keep track of the other things to be achieved.

Here are some of the things that you can include in your Checklist to Be Prosperous in 2013:

1. 5 Clear goals for 2013

Whether you are a student, a house mom or a working professional, you already might have some goals in mind that you want to achieve this year. But as they say, a goal is easier achieved if you write it down. Write down at least 5 goals that you want to achieve this year in your Checklist to be Prosperous in 2013. You can start with goals that are easier to achieve then go down to the more challenging ones. An example of an achievable goal for students is to get flying colors in a difficult subject. For a working professional, it might be to get a promotion. And for a house mom, to get things organized around the house. Be realistic with your goals.

2. 5 Inspiring or Self-Development Books to Read

One of the keys to improving oneself is to read good books about self-development. There are a lot of good books out there that can help you in different areas. One good example of this is Darren Hardy’s book called “The Compound Effect.” You can ask recommendations from friends or family about what good books to read to help you improve. You might even want to just Google it up.

3. 5 Positive attitudes that you want to develop

If it’s not so difficult to do, list down also five (you can list more or less) positive traits that you would want to develop more this year. This list is a little harder for most people to do. But you can at least try.

4. 5 Weaknesses that you want to improve on

Just like the list on positive attitudes, listing five of your weaknesses to improve on is also another challenging list that you can make. To make it easier, just think about some of the failures you have in the past and what might have caused them. It might be lack of patience, lack of advance planning, and so on. You can list them down so you can improve on them this year.

5. 5 Places you wish to visit

This is the most exciting part of your list. For sure you have many places that you would want to visit. But for the sake of this checklist, you can just list down five of them for this year. Be sure to include also the reasons why you want to visit the place so as to motivate you more to achieve it.

If you already have a Checklist to Be Prosperous in 2013, it would be nice to post it in a place where you can have a constant eye on it. You’ll see that you will find it really fulfilling as the items in your checklist gets checked off one by one.

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