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Cleaning Tips for Glass Surfaces

Are you having difficulty cleaning your glass windows and glass surfaces?

Glass windows and surfaces are prone to water spots, fingerprints and streaks that can be hard to clean. It can take time and patience to really make them shiny and become streak-free. But with the right tools, cleaning solution and techniques, dealing with this kind of task can be a lot easier and faster.

For cleaning glass windows and glass surfaces, you will need:

White Vinegar + Distilled Water as cleaning solution

Vinegar is as excellent for cleaning your glassware as it is for your salad. It is safer to use vinegar and it costs very cheap. On the other hand, the use of distilled water for cleaning glasses is very important. It makes a big difference in the outcome especially if your tap water is hard or contains mineral content as hard water can leave streaks.

For streak-free glassware, prepare equal parts of white vinegar and distilled water. Transfer the solution into a spray bottle for easy application.

Squeegee, old newspaper and microfiber cloth

These are your very handy tools which can make your glass really shiny as opposed to the traditional use of paper towels which can leave streaks. Microfiber cloth is very effective for cleaning glasses without leaving any lint behind. Old newspapers are too, but they can leave ink on your hands so be sure to wear gloves if using newspapers.

Here’s what to do:

1. Spray the surface with cleaning solution and scrub it with an up-and-down direction using the microfiber cloth.

2. Wipe the solution away using a squeegee with a long motion starting from the top to the bottom if cleaning a glass window. Wipe the blade of the squeegee after each wipe then repeat the procedure until the glass is thoroughly clean.

3. Using old newspaper, clean off the edges of the glass window or glass surface for any remaining cleaning solution.

4. Using a clean microfiber cloth, finish the task with a quick buff to remove any remaining streaks.

5. Even after all the hard work, there could still be some sneaky streaks on your glass surface. You may see them once the glass becomes dry. So be ready with your microfiber cloth for another quick buff.

Important Tips

1. The key to cleaning any window or glass surface is having the right tools and cleaning solution. Be sure to prepare them beforehand.

2. The faster you work, the better the result. Make sure that after applying your cleaning solution, work faster to clean and dry the surface immediately to prevent streaking.

3. Vinegar and distilled water make an excellent cleaning solution although there are other alternative products available in the market. Just make sure to avoid those that are highly toxic.

4. Avoid using soap when cleaning glass surfaces because they tend to leave filmy residues.

5. When cleaning glass windows, it is better to clean the inside surfaces first as the outsides are dirtier and harder to clean.

So don’t be easily discouraged if you find it hard to make your glass windows or glass table really clean. With the abovementioned tips, doing the task will be easy and can be done in no time.

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