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Enhance Your Home with Different Types of Wall Decors

Wall decors can greatly enhance the appearance of a room. It can set different moods depending on the decors used.

 In choosing your wall décor, there are different factors that you must consider to come up with an astounding effect. Wall décors must coordinate with every aspect of your decorating style like the color of the room, furniture used, the mood that you like to radiate, and many more. This is why choosing wall decorations can sometimes be daunting if you don’t have any idea about your different options.

The following are some of the popular wall decorations that you can use:

1. Bookcases and Shelving

Bookcases and shelvings make an excellent functional wall décor that can add a different personality to any room. You can put them in your living room area, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, and even kid’s room. If placed in the living room, they are a perfect place to display your priced books or collectible figurines. If placed in the dining room or kitchen, they are perfect for your plate or mug collection or chinaware. And if in the kid’s room, they are a great place for toys.

2. Framed Painting and Prints

Framed work of art including paintings and prints are a popular wall décor in many homes. If you like to make a twist in how most people decorate their walls with this type of wall décor, instead of placing one large frame in the middle of your wall, you can use several small paintings to make a collage. Or you may also use one large painting and combine it with other types of wall decors such as metal wall art to create an intriguing décor.

3. Framed Family Photos

Framed family photos also make an astounding wall décor. There are different ways on how to frame your photos since there is a wide range of frames that you can use. Frames are available in different materials, sizes, shapes and colors. You can easily experiment on the right combination to suit your taste.

4. Metal Art

Metal art is now gaining in popularity in wall decorating. They are a good alternative to the already popular framed paintings and prints. They are readily available in a variety of themes and sizes to suit your existing decorating scheme. You can choose from classic and modern motifs to contemporary and whimsical motifs. Although metal art is an interesting wall decoration on its own, you can also use it to complement your framed photo or framed painting.

When decorating with metal art, it is ideal that the background wall be painted with bright colors to make a perfect contrast that will give your room a more dramatic effect.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors as wall décor are often used when a room has a smaller space. Mirrors can make a room appear bigger. You can put mirror on your entire wall or you may also use a smaller mirror for a certain portion of your wall. Mirrors are ideal in almost any room in your home especially in the dining, living, bathroom and kitchen areas. In addition to framed mirrors, you can also add enhancements for a better effect like soft lighting or metal art.

6. Wall Clocks

There are several options on how you can decorate your wall with wall clocks. One is by using a single wall clock as a focal point. You can also use several wall clocks with different colors and designs and group them together to create a striking design. Or you can also integrate a wall clock with other wall decors such as mirror or metal art.

Your options when it comes to wall decors are not just limited to the things listed here. You can be creative and experiment with other wall decorations such as murals, fabrics, and many others. The most important thing is that your wall décor should complement your existing decorating scheme for a better outcome.

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