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List of Healthy Products for Your Pantry

Aside from the refrigerator, the pantry is another storage place for food products at home. The pantry also happens to have the largest stock of products from canned goods, packaged foods, grains, and even fresh produce. That is why if you like to start a habit of healthy eating in your family, consider what you put in your pantry. Are you storing healthy products or junkies?

healthy food

There are many food products that are healthier compared to other items in your grocery. These are also the products you must have in your pantry.

1. Cereals, grains and oats

For cereals, avoid buying those that have high sugar content. Instead, look for whole grain cereals with high fiber content. Check the label and your cereal must contain no more than 3 grams of fat per single serving and fiber content must be more than 3 grams. For oatmeal, quick-cooking ones are better than sodium-rich instant oatmeal. Additionally, put more whole grain products in your pantry such as brown or unpolished rice, quinoa, whole-grain bread, and whole-grain pasta.

2.  Canned products

Although most of us consider canned goods as generally unhealthy, there are also canned products that are healthier than others. Canned goods are commonly used to prepare quick meals or as a substitute when you run out of fresh items. If you cannot avoid buying canned goods, choose those that are packed in water and not in oil. Choose those that are canned in juice and not in syrup because the latter has high sugar content. For vegetables, choose no-sodium products. Choose organic as much as possible for both vegetables and fruits.

3. Legumes

Other than meat which is also mostly high in fats, legumes, most particularly beans, are also a good source of protein. It is also good to keep assorted dried beans in your pantry.

4. Snacks

When shopping for snacks avoid the chip and packaged snacks aisles because most of the products in those aisles are either high in sugar or are high in sodium and MSG. Instead, buy dried fruits, low or no sodium nuts, whole wheat crackers, and seeds.

5. Tea Bags

Instead of having a week’s or month’s supply of soda or fruit drinks, stock your pantry instead with healthy bags of herbal teas including green teas. Teas can be used as home remedy for many types of health problems. They also contain antioxidants and other healthy properties that are beneficial to the body.

6. Dark Chocolate

If you like a treat for your sweet tooth, you can also stock your pantry with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate offers many health benefits including cough relief, emotional stress relief, and the ability to help lower blood pressure. Choose dark chocolate as it is low in sugar.

When shopping for grocery, don’t just rely on what is written in bold letters. If you are purchasing the same type of product every time you shop, take time to read the nutritional content as well as the ingredients of the product. This is the only way you will know whether what you are buying is healthy or not.


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