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How RawFigs Search Engine Can Help Healthy Living Fans

How RawFigs Search Engine can Help Healthy Living Fans

Wrong foods, unhealthy eating habits, and an unhealthy lifestyle take a toll on many people’s lives. More than ever before, various forms of cancers are affecting more and more people and many unheard of diseases also are surfacing. Additionally, there is a big increase in the number of people who are overweight or obese. This group of people is prone to many health problems including heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and many others.

Consecutively, you can also find a lot of processed foods in the market including hormone-laden meats and food products containing toxic or carcinogenic substances. Aside from the quality of foods that are made available to consumers, an unhealthy lifestyle such as lack of regular exercises, stress and time for relaxation also affects the health of many people.

Because of this sad reality, many people are driven to observe a healthy lifestyle to avoid suffering from serious health conditions. Some observe different types of diet such as an organic diet, vegetarian diet, and low-calorie diet among others. They also engage in various types of physical activities like yoga, sports and exercises. And people see the Internet as a rich source of articles, videos and other instructional materials that can guide them to have a healthier lifestyle.

Thousands of health-based resources including videos that talk about the right and wrong foods, proper exercises and healthy lifestyle tips can be found online. They are widely scattered across many websites including YouTube. Oftentimes, searching through these websites becomes a challenge because search engine results normally include many other non-related resources that also mention the keyword you are searching for. And it could take so much of your time to open each search result to find the video you are looking for.

Thankfully, there is now a health-centered search engine that is specially designed for searching health-related topics: which was created by Vladislav Steklac, also a health enthusiast. This website works just like you are searching for videos on YouTube. However, its advantage is that it only contains health-related videos. Additionally, each video in your search result contains timestamps with respective descriptions. These timestamps highlight some of the most important parts of a particular video. Watching timestamps can save you time by not watching the entire video. Instead, you can go directly to the parts that are most relevant to your search. aims to help healthy living fans quickly and conveniently access the right resources for their goal. It has a simple and intuitive user interface which makes searching for health videos a lot easier. Also, it contains a lot of videos by world-renowned health expert Dr. Robert Morse. When you visit this website, you have the option to search for Dr. Morse’s videos only for random videos about the topic you are looking for.

Some may think that it is completely unnecessary to visit another site for health videos when they can also find it in YouTube. This may be true but has a lot more to offer. It is worth noting that there are literally hundreds of thousands of videos in YouTube. And people keep adding to them by the day. So when you are searching for a health topic video about a low-calorie diet for instance, about half of your search results may include irrelevant videos. And when you find the right video, you may also have to watch it from start to finish just so you could watch a few seconds of relevant parts. Because of these inconveniences, having a website that filters non-health related videos and provides timestamps for vital parts in each video becomes necessary more than ever. is seen to be a next-generation search engine that focuses on people who are looking for valuable resources about healthy living. Currently, it lets you search for videos only. Our team is continuously developing it so that it will also be possible to search for articles or forums about a particular health topic. While this search engine is still young, its current performance shows promising results. It is definitely a must-visit site for healthy living fans.

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