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Easy to Remember Home Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

Just like any other task or work, home cleaning also requires certain techniques and skills to do things easier, faster, and more efficient. With home cleaning, the techniques are more in a way of dos and don’ts. Below are some of the home cleaning dos and don’ts that you can…

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Secrets to Cleaning your Home like a Pro

Home cleaning can be a dreaded and difficult task but it is something that we cannot escape. It really is a necessity. A dirty home is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Not to mention that it is very unsightly too. While many don’t feel good about home cleaning,…

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Glass Countertops: Why It Is Great for Your Kitchen

In many kitchens, the common materials for countertops include granite, wood, stainless steel, and laminate. Glass countertops are less common but it does not mean that they are less of a material for countertops. In fact, glass countertops are great for both domestic and commercial kitchens as they provide both…

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5 Things to Consider in Hiring a Cleaning Service

After a very long holiday, many people are overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning they need to do in their home. That is because during the holiday season, people are so busy with shopping, attending or hosting parties, or going on a trip such that house cleaning becomes the last…

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Checklist to Be Prosperous in 2013

Every start of the year, many people find it compelling to make a list of New Year’s resolution. But the fact is, to most people these resolutions remain just a list and never fulfilled within the year. So instead of writing a New Year’s resolution, you can be more creative…

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5 Things to Do Around Your Home Before New Year Starts

After enjoying a long vacation on trips, hosting and attending parties and spending time with the family, another year is finally coming to an end. And as the New Year kicks in, you might probably be thinking about how to start the year right. While some people prepare their New…

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Helpful Tips for Cleaning-Up after Holiday Party at Home

The holiday season is a perfect time to hold a party at home with your loved ones and friends. Many people will be on vacation so it is very easy to gather people and organize family reunions, special get-together or a simple holiday party. Everybody would love parties where there…

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Cleaning Tips for Glass Surfaces

Are you having difficulty cleaning your glass windows and glass surfaces? Glass windows and surfaces are prone to water spots, fingerprints and streaks that can be hard to clean. It can take time and patience to really make them shiny and become streak-free. But with the right tools, cleaning solution…

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Getting Rid of Pantry Pests Naturally

Even the cleanest kitchens with a cupboard or pantry to store dry foods are likely to be infested with pantry pests. Pantry pests include weevils, moths and bugs. They can sneak into your pantry without you knowing it. And before long, your kitchen could already be full of them. Thankfully,…

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