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Secrets To Cleaning Your Home Like A Pro

Secrets to Cleaning your Home like a Pro

Home cleaning can be a dreaded and difficult task but it is something that we cannot escape. It really is a necessity. A dirty home is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Not to mention that it is very unsightly too.

While many don’t feel good about home cleaning, there are some people who find this task enjoyable, exciting and very customary. They are the professionals in home cleaning, otherwise known as home cleaning pros. And no, they are not professional service providers for hire. They are homemakers, working professionals, and home-based workers who despite their busy schedule still find time to keep their homes clean and tidy. They share several secrets on how to clean a home like a pro.

10 Secrets to Cleaning Your Home like a Pro

1. Pick up clutter as you see them.

When you see anything that does not belong to the floor or tabletop, pick it up and return it to its proper place. Clutter on the floor can be a safety hazard aside from the fact that they are an eyesore. If you do this, you can avoid the task of picking up clutter from your regular home cleaning.

2. Wipe spills as soon as possible.

Whether its water, juice, milk, coffee, or wine, any spills should be wiped off as soon as possible especially for spills that can cause staining like coffee or wine.

3. Wash dishes while cooking.

The kitchen is a place for food preparation and cooking. In food preparation alone, you will be using several utensils and kitchen tools that you might not need when cooking. If you have spare time while cooking, take time to wash utensils you no longer need and wipe clean your tabletops so that when the food is cooked, the kitchen is already clean. And after meals, all you have to do is wash the rest of the dishes and you are done.

4. Return everything to its proper place after using.

This is a very simple task that you and your family can do. Toys, magazines, books, gadgets, and many other things should be returned to their proper places after use. This way, you can save time doing this task during your regular home cleaning schedule.

5. Make sure to leave everything clean and tidy.

After using your bathroom, make sure to leave it clean and tidy just as you entered it. The same is true with your bedroom, living room, dining room, and other areas in your house. Don’t leave a mess as much as possible. This will help you eliminate frequent regular cleaning on these areas.

6. Divide household chores by sections.

Schedule your regular home cleaning and divide your home by room or section. Don’t schedule to clean your entire house in one day; otherwise, the task could be tiring and daunting to you.

7. Prioritize doing easier home cleaning tasks first.

There are easier and there are more challenging tasks when it comes to home cleaning. As a rule of the thumb, prioritize or do first those tasks that are easier like sweeping or mopping the floor than harder tasks like organizing your pantry or closet.

8. Arrange and straighten up things as much as possible.

If there is something to straighten up, straighten it up now and don’t wait for later. After you wake up, straighten up your bed so that it will look fresh and crisp. Encourage your family members to develop this habit. Do the same with your sofa cover, table runner, and others.

9. Take advantage of homemade deodorizers and fragrant sprays.

Homemade deodorizers like pure baking soda and vinegar are reliable in absorbing bad odor at home. Be sure to have them in your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas that are prone to undesirable odor or smell. You can also use fragrant sprays to make your home smelling fresh.

10. Encourage participation among family members.

If you work as a family, any hard task can become easier.

These secrets to cleaning your home like a pro are not difficult to do at all. Try them and you will see the difference.

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