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Simple Tips in Choosing Carpet for Your Home

Apart from aesthetic value, there is no substitute to the soft, warmth, relaxing and comfortable feeling of having a carpet under your feet. This is why carpets are very popular in many homes especially for those with small children because they also provide a safe spot where children can play with reduced risk of injury.

 However, your satisfaction in your carpeting largely depends in your initial decision of which type of carpet to use in your home. With so many designs, colors and materials to choose from, it can be challenging to look for the perfect carpeting for your home. These carpets differ from each other in terms of maintenance required, price and lifespan. To get the best type of carpet that meets your budget, here are some important tips to consider in choosing or buying a carpet:

1. Set your budget. This initial step is not only useful when buying carpets but also when buying something that requires a significant amount of money. Setting up your budget can help you avoid overspending and allows you to narrow down your choices based on how much you are willing to spend.

2. Know the carpet you need. Familiarize yourself with the various types of carpet. You can do this by researching online. You don’t have to know them all but at least you should have some idea about the different options you have. Depending on the style and materials used, there are carpets that are more suited to high traffic area and carpets for only low traffic area. If you are buying a carpet for your stairs, there are also styles which are best suited for this area of the house. Common carpeting for high traffic area are those styles with level loop and multilevel loop such as Berber carpeting. For areas that have low to moderate traffic, the more luxurious Saxony plush style is ideal.

3. Select the best carpet store. Look around for a reputable carpet store that has a large selection of carpets. This way you can have as many options in terms of carpet style, color and design. It’s good to shop when you have a lot of choices.

4. Select the best color and design. Select the color and design that will best complement the area where the carpeting will be installed. With so many colors and designs available, this step could be the most difficult part in your decision-making. Choose the color and design that will radiate the overall mood that you want to set in a particular room. Remember the rule about cool colors and warm colors: cool colors to make the area appear bigger and warm colors to make the area appear smaller and cozier. Select 3-5 options and ask for samples of each carpet you are considering. Ask for the biggest sample available and take it home with you and see if it complements your preferences.

5. Consider the maintenance requirements. In terms of maintenance, there are high-maintenance and low-maintenance carpets available in the market. There are also carpets which are stain-resistant. Before buying, ask first about the maintenance requirement of the carpet you intend to buy because it is important to keep your carpet last long. If you cannot meet its maintenance and cleaning requirement, better find another carpet that you can easily maintain.

After careful planning and consideration of the different factors and tips mentioned, you can now make a decision: To buy or not to buy, and if to buy, the right choice of carpet. Whatever your decision will be, it will be more likely the right decision.

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