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Advantages of Using Energy Star Appliances

With the alarming effects of global warming, more and more people are now concerned about alleviating its effects. As an ordinary citizen, the least you can do is to reduce your energy consumption. Reducing your energy consumption could in turn reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission required to produce electricity. The increased level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is one of the main causes of global warming.

The question is how to reduce your energy consumption? The answer to this is very simple: use energy-efficient products especially appliances.

In the United States, it is very easy to identify energy-efficient appliances because of their Energy Star rating. The ratings will serve as a guide so buyer will have a general idea of the features, performance, and energy consumption of a certain appliance.

The initial cost of Energy Star appliances may be more expensive than ordinary ones but the price difference will be insignificant compared to your long-term savings in electric bills and other benefits out of using these energy-efficient appliances.

Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Appliances

Tax Credits

Using Energy Star appliances in your primary home can entitle you to tax credits; however certain conditions must be met. You can visit the Department of Energy Website or IRS Website for more information on how to claim your tax credits in a certain year.

Special Deals

Some states offer rebates program or waive sales tax in a particular period of time for purchasing Energy Star appliances. Also, many appliance retail stores offer special deals and promotions for these products to encourage sales.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Energy Star appliances consume a smaller amount of energy to run them. One good example of this is an Energy Star refrigerator that can save you around 40% of energy than using standard refrigerator.  The same is true with an Energy Star washing machine which can give you at least 50% savings in energy consumption. With reduced energy consumption, you will also reduce your electricity bills. If most of your appliances are Energy Star rated, it could give you significant savings per year.

Superior Operation

Most Energy Star appliances are fitted with advanced features that can help you regulate their usage for improved performance and efficiency. Take for example an Energy Star washer. It can remove more water that standard machines so you will not have to use the dryer longer. This in turn can help you save on electricity.

Reliability and Longevity

When it comes to reliability, there’s no question as to the reliability of Energy Star appliances. Manufacturers follow certain standards to achieve this rating. This could mean using better quality materials and added features for better performance. Additionally, because these appliances are made from better materials, they could last longer with proper use and maintenance.

When shopping for your home appliance, look for an Energy Star rating so you can reap all the benefits mentioned above. This way, you save cost and help alleviate the effects of global warming to our environment.

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