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Amazing Benefits of Alka Seltzer

Most of us are familiar with alka seltzer tablet, an over-the-counter medicine that can cure certain illnesses. But apart from its healing capabilities, alka seltzer is also a good substitute for some commercial cleaning supplies.

10 Amazing Benefits of Alka Seltzer

1. Cleans coffeemaker

One of the amazing benefits of alka seltzer is in cleaning dirty coffeemaker. You can do this by dissolving four tablets of alka seltzer into two cups of water. Pour the solution into the coffeemaker and run the brew cycle. When the water finishes dripping into the pot, dispose of the dirty water and refill the coffee maker with clean water. Repeat the same cycle again then dispose of the water afterwards. You can now safely use your coffeemaker again.

2. Removes glass cookware stains

Glass cookware stains may be hard to remove but you can easily do it using alka seltzer. Simply pour water into your glass cookware and dissolve five alka seltzer tablets into it. Let it sit for at least an hour then scrub the stain off with a sponge.

3. Cleans toilet bowl

Alka seltzer is also a good alternative for commercial toilet cleaners. For a sparkling clean toilet bowl, drop two tablets of alka seltzer into the bowl and let sit for about 30 minutes. Scrub the bowl and flush.

4. Unclogs the drain

For a clogged drain either in your sink or in your shower, drop 3 tablets of alka seltzer into your drain followed by half a cup of vinegar. Then let hot water run for at least five minutes. This will remove the clog in your drain and deodorizes it at the same time.

5. Polishes jewelry

To make your jewelry look as new, drop a tablet of alka setzer into a bowl of lukewarm water. Soak your jewelry in the solution for about 20 minutes and remove it afterwards. However, you should not use this solution for pearls and opals.

6. Cleans various types of vessels

Another amazing benefit of alka seltzer is in cleaning hard-to-clean vessels like vases and glass jars with intricate designs making cleaning a little more challenging. To clean them, pour lukewarm water into the vessel and add 2 alka seltzer tablets. Shake it around to dissolve the tablets then let it sit for at least an hour. Rinse the vessel afterwards and it will be clean as new.

7. Soothes Insect Bites

To give relief from insect bites, drop two tablets of alka seltzer into a bowl of lukewarm water. Soak a cloth or cottonball in the solution and apply to the infected area and let it stay for at least 30 minutes.

8. Cures Urinary Tract Infections

As soon as you notice the symptoms of UTI, take two tablets of alka seltzer and a glass of water. You can feel the results immediately. However if you have allergies to Aspirin, alka seltzer is not suitable for you as it contains Aspirin as the main ingredient. Also, if symptoms persist, better consult your doctor.

9. Deodorizes refrigerator

Apart from baking soda, alka seltzer is also an excellent deodorizer for refrigerators. For a fresh-smelling refrigerator, dissolve a tablet of alka seltzer in a cup of water. Let it bubble in the fridge for at least half an hour. If you are not content with the smell, dissolve another tablet and repeat the procedure.

10. Whitens cotton fabrics

If you like to remove a dingy yellow color in your white fabric, alka seltzer can provide a good solution for you. Just prepare a gallon of warm water and add two alka seltzer tablets. Soak your white cotton fabrics in the solution and it will whiten up your fabric.

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