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Choosing the Right Paint Color For your Home Exterior

If you are thinking about how to enhance the outside appearance of your home, repainting it is one of the best things you can do. However, choosing the right exterior paint color is easier said than done. With a vast array of color choices available, making the right decision on which color is best suited for your home can be overwhelming.

Tips in Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Color

1. Decide what appearance you like to achieve. Do you like to give your home a sophisticated look or do you like to give it a more exciting appearance? For home owners who like to play safe with color choices and give their home a sophisticated appearance, choosing a monochromatic color scheme is their best option. This is with the use of shades and tints of a single color for the walls, trim and shutters. However, if you like to experiment with colors and give your home a more lively and exciting look, you can also be bold about your choices. You can mix and match a few colors together to come up with a coordinated color combination.

2. Match your color choices with the existing features of your home. When choosing your exterior paint color, take into consideration some of the features that won’t be painted like brick walls and the like. Make sure that your choice of exterior paint color will perfectly match them.

3. Match your color choices with the surrounding as well. Depending on where you live, you can have a lot of exterior color choices. If you live in the country side or a tropical area, bright and bold color choices can very well blend with the natural surroundings. If you live in a place where houses are close to each other, it will help if you observe the color schemes used by neighboring houses. If most houses in your block uses neutral colors, you might want to reconsider using bold or super bright exterior paint colors.

4. Keep in mind the effects of using dark colors and light colors. Using dark colors will make your home appear narrower or smaller while light colors will make your home appear larger. So if you have a smaller home, avoid using dark exterior paint color as it will make your home appear even smaller. Instead, use lighter exterior paint color for smaller homes, and vice versa.

5. Know the advantages and disadvantages of glossy and flat paints. Once you have decided your particular exterior paint color, you can now decide on what type of paint to use: glossy or flat. Glossy paints are easier to clean but they will also make imperfections more obvious than flat paints.

6. Finally, test your color and paint choices before actually painting the whole exterior of your home. It’s better if you can observe it with changes in sunlight.

Exterior painting can protect your home from the elements. Apart from that, if you are able to make the right choice of exterior paint color, it can greatly enhance the outward appearance of your home. Make no mistake in choosing your exterior paint color. By considering the tips mentioned above, making the right choice will now be easier.

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