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Innovate Your Small Kitchen to Look Bigger

If you like to make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is, there is good news for you. There are simple things that you can easily do that will give you the appearance and feel that you want. Very simple, in fact, you don’t have to actually extend your kitchen area. It is just a matter of tricking your eye and brain to believe that your space is bigger than it is.

Here’s how:

1. Eliminate clutter

One thing that can make the room feel crowded is the clutter. Eliminate clutter and you will feel you have a bigger room to breathe. Avoid cramping your countertops with cookware and other kitchen items. Clear off your counter, cabinet tops including your windowsills as much as possible. Organize the things in your cabinets where they should belong. This tip can make your kitchen look bigger.

2. Paint it with cool colors

Cool colors especially white can make your kitchen look bigger. White reflects light and can enhance the sense of space while giving your kitchen a cleaner look. You can experiment with several shades of white and combine them with contrasting texture for a perfect combination.

3. Use glass cabinet doors

If you have wall cabinets, replace doors with glass doors if possible. This can pull your view past the cabinet frames so the wall looks farther away. This trick will be effective only if the inside of your cabinets are well-organized.

4. Shelves and cabinetry

Floating shelves encourage you to look farther all the way to the kitchen walls which in turn make your kitchen look bigger. Floating shelves also offer a cleaner and contemporary look. This is why between wall cabinets and floating shelves, the latter is more ideal for small kitchens.

5. Strategic kitchen layout

Most small kitchen layouts are double galley with an island in the middle. More often than not, these galleys are filled with wall units and cabinetry. Although this layout can help maximize storage space, it can make the kitchen appear cramped and smaller. Instead, try to free one wall of all the cabinetry and replace them with fabulous wall decors like paintings or mirrors.

6. Add a seating area

Although you may think that this is impractical and will only occupy more space in your small kitchen, a small seating area can in fact make your kitchen functional and appear more varied. This in turn gives it a bigger appearance than it actually is.

7. Lightings

Lightings can greatly enhance the appearance of your kitchen and in making it look bigger. You can take advantage of natural light and install lightings in strategic areas of your kitchen like on top of cabinets and countertops.

8. Reorganize your kitchen

Once in a while, go through all your kitchen gadgets, tools and utensils and look for items that you no longer use. Sell them or give them away. Keep only what are essential and avoid buying things that you will probably not use. This will free up more space to make your kitchen look bigger.

With all these simple tricks and tips mentioned, you can have a kitchen that appears to be bigger than its real size.

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