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Decorating with Different Types of Window Treatments

Window treatments can give any room a boost from dullness to elegance and stunning looks. There are different types of window treatments you can choose from and each of them works best for a particular type of window. Additionally, window treatments also serve several purposes such as to provide privacy, control natural lighting, or to simply dress up a window. That is why in decorating your room, it is important to have an idea about the different types of window treatments, their uses, and what type of window they are most suited for.

Different Types of Window Treatment and Their Uses


Cornices are padded boxes with a bottom edge that can be shaped in different ways depending on your taste. It is usually covered in fabric and is mounted above the window. If your ceiling is low and you want to make it appear higher, cornices can do just that.

Cornices are available in different styles from casual to formal looking depending on the design of the edge as well as the fabric used.


Curtains are perhaps one of the most popular window treatments in many homes. Curtain is a fabric that hangs on a window and is used for adornment, shade, protection against heat and cold, and privacy.

Curtains are available in many designs as well as types of fabric used. Common types of curtains include rod pocket curtains, tab top curtains, French pleat curtains, grommet top curtains, ring top curtains, café curtains and many others. In choosing what type of curtain to use, you must consider the purpose as well as the look that you want to achieve.


Compared to curtains, draperies are made of heavier fabric and are pleated, lined and hung on a rod with a string for easy opening and closing. These are classic window treatments and can complement well with almost any decorating style.

Draperies are available in many styles of pleats such as goblet pleats, pencil pleats, box pleats, pinch pleats and many more. Draperies can give an elegant look to informal spaces in your home. They also offer more privacy and shade from natural light.

Swags and Cascades

Both are also popular window treatments that can give a sophisticated look to any room. Swags and cascades are different types of window treatments but they are usually combined for a better outcome. Cascades refer to the fabric in a zigzag pattern that descends across the top or on either sides of the window. Swags on the other hand have similarity to valances except that they are commonly draped over in folds in a horizontal rod or are mounted on a board. Cascades can be placed over or under swags.


Valances are decorative window treatments to cover a mounting hardware. They are usually mounted on a pole, rod or dust board.

Window Shades

Window shades are another popular type of window treatment. They are a beautiful alternative to using blinds and are very effective in regulating the amount of natural light in a room and in providing privacy.

There are many types of window shades that you can choose from. The simplest and perhaps the cheapest are the roller shades and bamboo shades. There are also the fabric shades, Roman shades, pleated shades, and several others.

Window blinds

Window blinds are popular in many homes and office buildings. They are different from window shades in that they are made of harder materials such as metal, plastic and wood and they also have slats. Window blinds can either be horizontal or vertical in design and can be controlled by turn switches or strings.

When it comes to selecting your window treatment, it is important that you consider your intended purpose and the look that you want to achieve. Knowing your different options, you can now choose which type of window treatment best suits your needs.

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