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Tips in Decorating with Different Home Lighting Fixtures

Home lighting is one of the most important elements in home decorating. They are not merely used for illumination but for decorating as well. Having the right home lighting scheme can set a good mood in any room and can give it an astounding look.

Every room in your home can be defined by the particular home lighting used. There are certain types of lighting that can best complement a room or a living space. And with different home lighting options that you have, it is important to understand how each type of lighting works and where they are most suited to be used.

There are three basic types of home lighting that you can choose: ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting can provide general illumination to the entire room. It radiates a soft illumination and makes a room look inviting. Popular ambient home lighting fixtures include:

1. Wall sconces – these lighting fixtures are mounted on walls providing a subtle background light and creating an interesting backdrop. Aside from illumination, they make a beautiful decorative lighting that can add style to a room. Wall sconces can provide better lighting to almost any room including hallways and bathroom.

2. Recessed lights –Recessed Lighting is one of the most versatile home lighting. It can be used to give adequate lighting to a room, highlight special features or artwork or make the room look spacious and bigger. Recessed lightings are perfect for living room area and dark and narrow spaces such as hallways and bathrooms.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a focused lighting that is three times brighter than ambient lighting. They are generally used to highlights special work of art such as painting or sculpture, architectural element such as fireplace mantle and even decorative indoor plants. Accent lightings are excellent for creating a particular mood in a room with the right combination of light intensity, beam spread and color. Lighting types that can be used as accent lighting include:

1. Pendants – pendants such as chandelier or glass pendants can be used for focusing on the desired work or art of object of attention in a room.

2. Track Lighting – track lighting using special spot lights or recessed lightings can be used to highlight architectural elements such as a fireplace mantle. One of the advantages of track lighting is that you can control or turn on the lights all together or individually depending on the ambiance or mood that you want to radiate. For a breathtaking effect, you can light the full array of bulbs in a track. But if you want a more intimate or romantic effect, you may also light only one and leave the other bulbs dormant.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used specifically for doing a particular task such as eating, reading and cooking. They are usually focused on a certain area where it can serve its purpose. Popular task lighting includes:

1. Table lamps – table lamps are great for task lighting because they can be adjusted to focus the light where you needed it most. Table lamps are usually used for tasks such as reading and artwork.

2. Pendants – pendants may also serve as task lighting when placed above the dining area for eating purposes.

Each room in the home needs a particular type of home lighting though some rooms may need more than one type of lighting. With the different options available, it is now up to you which type of lighting you choose. Just remember to consider the intended purpose of the light when choosing your type of lighting.


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