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Tips In The Proper Use Of Vacuum Cleaner

Tips in the Proper Use of Vacuum Cleaner

Many people consider a vacuum cleaner as the most versatile tool for home cleaning. However, versatile as it may seem, this tool has also its limitations. When cleaning up, it is important to note that there are certain things that might cause damage to this equipment if they get sucked:


1. Very fine dust

Very fine dusts such as sanding residue when you just had done remodeling or house renovation are not fit for your vacuum unless you are using a more durable vacuum such as Shop Vac. These dusts can easily clog up your ordinary vacuum and it might just end up spewing back in the air the dust it has sucked.

2. Large pieces of glass

It might be a no-brainer but you would be surprised that there are some people who really vacuum pieces of broken glass. These sharp pieces can puncture the bag, scratch the interior or get lodged in the hose of your vacuum. So next time you have a broken glass to clean, use a broom instead.

3. Ashes from the fireplace

You might think that it would be okay to vacuum a day old ashes from your fireplace. But think twice before doing so. Ashes trap heat and they could take at least four days before they really would cool off. You could use a heavy duty vacuum to suck these ashes after that.

4. Wet or moist food

Unless you are using a wet and dry vacuum, don’t use your vacuum to pick up moist or wet food on the floor or even clean up spills. A paper towel should be used instead.

5. Small items such as coins

Sometimes it can be tempting to just vacuum some small items scattered on the floor such as paperclips and coins among others. But next time, pick them up first before vacuuming the floor. These items can get stuck in the brush and damage small components inside the appliance.

So what could you suck with your vacuum?

While you should avoid sucking the items listed above, there are many other things that are safe to pick up or suck with your vacuum:

  • Hair – nothing else is more effective than a vacuum cleaner in picking up hair even in the carpet. Aside from human hair, you could also use it to get rid of your pet’s hair or fur.
  • Dirt and ordinary dust – you could get rid of dirt and dust especially in hard-to-reach areas in your home using a vacuum. Note that this is ordinary dust that is normally found in every home and not the fine dust that you can get from sanding or cutting wood.
  • Dry crumbs – it is also okay to vacuum dry crumbs and food stuff such as chips, cereals and nuts.

Moreover, while you might think that your vacuum is just for cleaning the floor, you are mistaken. A Vacuum cleaner would not be considered as a versatile cleaning tool for nothing. You could use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the following:

1. Appliances

There is no better way to thoroughly clean your computer and keyboard than with the use of a vacuum cleaner. The same is true when cleaning other electronic items such as speakers.

2. Window blinds and shades

Vacuum cleaner is also a handy tool for removing dust and dirt from blinds and shades.

3. Windowsills

You could run a soft brush and pick the dirt and dust up with a vacuum to clean your windowsills.

4. Foam pillows

Foam pillows normally are not washable. To clean them up, suck trapped dust on both sides with a vacuum cleaner.

5. HVAC vents

Don’t let the air circulators in your home blow dust in the air. Keep them clean with a vacuum cleaner. Use the soft brush bristle attachment when doing this job.

6. Brooms and dusters

After cleaning, you have to clean your cleaners to make it ready for the next use. Remove any dust, hair and other dirt in your brooms and dusters with the use of a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner can be a great cleaning tool for every home. But before using it, be sure you know what to pick up and what not to pick up. This amazing tool is not only for floors but can also be used for cleaning other household items.


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