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Tips to Make Small Room Look Bigger

Some people feel uneasy and uncomfortable inside a small room unless it is given an appearance of openness. In a small room, every item you put in it and how you decorate it matters. Even if you have a small room, you can still give it a bigger appearance by observing some simple decorating tips.

1. Paint the room with light colors

Room colors will not only influence your mood but it can in fact help create an illusion that a room is either bigger or smaller than it actually is. If you have a small room, take advantage of light colors and they can make the room look open, airy and bigger. For optimum effect, you can also experiment with good color combinations such as cream colors with soft tones of green and blues.

2. Keep the room tidy

The more things you have in your room, the more cramped and smaller it will look like. Keep the stuff in the room at a minimum. Remove the clutter and keep things arranged and orderly. Also, don’t over-decorate your walls. One large painting is better than having several smaller paintings which can make the wall appear crowded. It’s also good to create a focal point in your room that can drive an attention like a reading nook or a nice piece of furniture. And always keep the floor as clean and clear as possible to give an illusion of more floor space.

3. Take advantage of natural lighting

If the room has access to natural light, take advantage of it by installing large glass windows and keeping it clear of nets, curtains and other furnishings. Natural light is one of the best ways to make small room look bigger. For maximum effect, you can place mirrors opposite of the windows to reflect the natural light coming in. However, if you don’t have natural light, you can also use commercial lighting which can give enough illumination to the room. Proper and effective lighting can greatly enhance the appearance of the room and give it a feeling of space and openness.

4. Use mirrors

Mirrors are another great way to make small room look bigger. As they reflect the light and color of the room, they can create an illusion of depth that can make small room look bigger than it actually is. Install mirrors on the walls or use mirrored cabinets is your small room. Additionally, consider using glass tables instead of wooden tables.

5. Choose the right furniture

Your choice of furniture will greatly influence the appearance of your room. Some furniture will just take too much space without giving you the maximum benefits. For smaller rooms, multi-functional furniture is the best choices. Examples of this type of furniture are beds with storage space underneath or a chest that can also be used as a coffee table. You may also want to consider having a foldable or expandable table made of glass and sofa and chairs with exposed legs as they give the appearance of free space. Arrange furniture in a way that they don’t block the open spaces in the room. Best if you can put them against the wall.

It will just take a little creativity to make small room look bigger. By observing the five simple tips mentioned here, you will surely feel more comfortable and at ease now inside your small room.

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